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Mar 26, 2007 11:05 AM

Noodle House in South Orange County??

There was an excellent noodle house nearby when I went to college up in L.A. and I've been missing it lately (especially with such dreary weather.)
Does anyone know where I can get some good ramen down here? I've found one or two Vietnamese places for Pho, but I'm really dying for a good Japanese spot.

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  1. Is Mitsua in Costa Mesa too far from you? They have a food court that has some great ramen, udon and curry.

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    1. re: justagthing

      Not too far at all, I'll give it a shot for sure!

    2. The Mitsuwa food court in Costa Mesa (Paularino and Bristol) has a Santouka Ramen there - very good!

      Also nearby is Shin Sen Gumi on Brookhurst, south of Ellis. They also do great ramen there.

      For chinese noodles, I like the Sam Woo in Irvine, Culver at Deerfield. It's actually like 3 restaurants in one, with the nice seafood side, the cheaper table service side and a bbq takeout/steam tray side. For the noodle soups, I like the one in the middle, the cheaper table service. Get the Shui Kao noodle soup, which are like wontons but with shrimp and mushrooms with egg noodles and broth. It costs $3.95 and is great!

      Have fun with your search!

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        I strongly second Shin Sen Gumi in Fountain Valley. They do Hakata style ramen in a nice murky pork broth. Extra noodles for $0.99. Yum!

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          Me too! For a period, I went to Shin Sen Gumi 3 times a week.

      2. Hit Honda-ya in old town Tustin. Tasty Japanese pub food. I used to be one of the only white guys, but now it is getting found out. I liked their ramen quite a bit. Actually, I can't think of anything I haven't liked there.

        1. I like the soba and udon dishes they have at Fukada (near the Irvine Spectrum). They have a great lunch special

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            Man, but it's always crowded at lunch!

          2. I second the rec of Santoka and Shinsengumi Hakata.

            Here are pictures of both:

            I also have to put in a nod for Pho Hung Vuong's Hu Tieu and Noodle Avenue's House Special Noodle. Some of the best noodles I've found in South Orange County.

            Here are some pictures of;

            Pho Hung Vuong's Hu Tieu:

            Noodle Avenue's House Noodle: