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Mar 26, 2007 11:00 AM

San Diego - Rancho Bernardo Area

Will be staying in the Rancho Bernardo area and looking for a family, kid friendly restaurant, for dinner in the area. Any suggestions? Cuisine choice not an issue, my kids eat anything!!

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  1. You're just in time, the new Hooters restaurant just opened up. But if that's not something your family is looking for, check out the 4S Ranch area, a bunch of new restaurants just opened up like Pei Wei, Panera, Brett's BBQ, a Chili's I think, and more are on the way.

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      In addition to the 4s Ranch area, there always is the Carmel Mountain Ranch area (the south boundary of Rancho Bernardo). You have all the usual chain restaurants that will be criticized here (Claim Jumper, TGI Friday's, Chevy's, Olive Garden, CPK, etc.), so pick your favorite (or the least offending). I have a difficult time coming up with a decent "kid friendly, but not a chain" suggestion.

      And exactly what do you mean by "kid friendly"? There is a world of difference between "friendly for 8-year olds" and "friendly for 2-year olds", and I might recommend a few not-as-typical places if we are talking "old enough to not be a terror". :)

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          There's a new Cheeburger Cheeburger ("chain") that opened up in Carmel Mtn, too. I'd say it's very kid-friendly, from toddlers to teens. Haven't tried it yet... it's been too busy when we pass by.

          I also hate to say it, but Olive Garden has gotten better over the years. It's not great, but it's come a long way from the "My ravioli is still cold, can you send it back" meals that I remembers. Of course, I've only had the braised short ribs, but they were tasty. Also, if you request unbuttered breadsticks, they come out fresh and hot.

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            RB - What I meant by "kid-friendly" is just places that you can bring children to, meaning casual and not fine dining. Thank you very much for your info!!

        2. Thank you, all!! I've never been to the area so I wasn't sure what the community was like. Looks like there are quite a few chains we can go to.

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            Also, if the kids are not picky eaters, Mongolian Grill is fun as you get to build your own bow, add your sauces, and watch them cook. And then the kids always like hitting the big "gong" (don't know what it's called) that you strike when you leave a tip.