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Mar 26, 2007 10:23 AM

Best Carrot Cake?

Where can I find the best carrot cake near West Hollywood/Miracle Mile? I'll need to be able to order enough of it for 35 people. Raisins/no raisins is not an issue for this group, but great cream cheese frosting is a must!

I like Costco's cake, but it won't work for this group of people and cost is not an issue.


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  1. If you're willing to go up to Burbank or Glendale, Porto's makes fantastic carrot cake.

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        1. re: Mike13241

          anything and everything is worth trying at Portos!

      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        I'd love to go to Porto's, but I don't think my boss will understand my hour-long (if i'm lucky and miss traffic) trek from the office!

      2. It might not be very high-brow but I find that the carrot cake at Jerry's Deli is actually quite good.

        1. I really like the carrot cake at Coral Tree Cafe in Brentwood and also in the Century City Mall food court. I've only had it by the slice, but I would think that they sell whole cakes.

            1. Okay, I hesitate to admit, but I was amazed by the carrot cake at Claim Jumper (!). I had it last year. The frosting was so good and the cake moist. I have only been to that chain once, as I tend to eschew chains. I also avoid desserts that are too sweet. I would go again just for the carrot cake, and I am not generally a fan of carrot cake (sweet and dry).

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                There is no Claim Jumper here in L. A. that I know of so I bought their frozen Motherlode Cake after seeing it on "The Best Of" on the Food Network. It was delicious, so I also bought their carrot cake. I didn't know it has coconut and I hate coconut. I thought I'd mention it in case anyone else out there hates coconut.

                1. re: Barbara Ladden

                  There's a Claim Jumper on Huntington in Arcadia (or is that Monrovia?) - anyway, in the San Gabriel Valley. Haven't been there, though, just driven by.

                  1. re: Barbara Ladden

                    I think there might still be one in Torrance, if that counts(?).

                    1. re: Barbara Ladden

                      Just in the area covered by this board, there are CJs in Brea, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Industry, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Long Beach, Mission Viejo, Monrovia, Northridge, Rancho Cucamonga, Santa Ana, Thousand Oaks, Torrance and Valencia.