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Mar 26, 2007 10:20 AM

Sagra Service-- better!

Ventured back on Saturday night and was very pleased with the service this time. A lot of new wait staff, and a man running the front who was very attentive and organized. He (an owner, maybe?) said that he was the last-minute fill-in for his hostess, and was a server down, but everything was pretty seamless. Seated after ten minutes at the bar, everything came on time and was well-paced-- unhurried and relaxed. Lots of diners that night, and no one seemed to wait long for a table. Very nice to see these improvements... and they are apparently not lacking for customers-- the place was steady and picking up from 6:30 to 8:30.

Food was still quite good-- peasant lamp chops nicely cooked, with a heap of roasted red peppers on the side (almost too much given the richness of their flavor) and mushroom tagliatelli was good but a bit straightforward and dull. Appetizer of two different bruschetta was really interesting and worth a try, given that the frittura gets most attention on Chowhound.

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  1. Nice to hear! Was the host a really large guy who looks like he could be a Somerville police officer? If so that is one of the owners...

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      No, the host that night was a mid-sized guy, trim dark beard. He held the seating chart in his hand all night but got the job done!

    2. I agree. I was there on Sunday night. There was a live band playing Sinatra tunes. The service was indeed improved - although I wish they would tell you the specials before you start looking at the menu. Still better than my last visit, and I enjoyed the music too.

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        Nice to know about the improvements at Sagra - looking forward to a return visit.

        Do you know what time the band plays?

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          7:30 - 11:00. They describe the entertainment on their web site:

          I was there Sunday evening and enjoyed the music. And the Wednesday night music is fun too (Italian, Bossa Nova, and jazz fusion).

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            Thanks Penny. Sunday or Wednesday it is for our next visit...

            1. re: Rubee

              Sorry to be the contrarian, but we went last Sunday, and while the service was fine, and food good enough to give it another shot, I will NOT be back on a Sunday. The band playing Sinatra tunes was way too loud for dinner (and trust me, I'm a LOUD music fan). I had to yell to speak to my dining companions, and there were actually one or two couples dancing. It felt like a Bar Mitzvah.


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                I was there Friday night (around 10-11pm) for a light meal and sat on the right bar side with my girlfriend. It was my third visit there and I've been pleased with the food every time even if the service hasn't been great. The service was mostly fine on this occasion (but the drinks were a bit slow - the bartender was hustling).

                Our main problem was the volume of the music. It was some upbeat jazz with trumpets blaring out - ridiculously loud. In fact, it caused our waitress to mis-hear our after-dinner drinks (tiramisu "martini" turned into the tiramisu dessert). Eventually she corrected it and brought the drink and we got a free dessert, so I guess it's not awful but my ears were not thanking me at the end of the evening.

                The table next to us complained to some man that looked like he was in charge about the music, but if he turned it down at all it was about 2% lower.

                So, good service this time, but unpleasantly loud.

      2. The Phoenix today has a quite favorable review by Robert Nadeau.

        1. Went to Sagra for the first time tonight and ran into a couple friends there who we ended up dining with. I've read many of the early reviews from the other hounds, so I was looking forward to the food and keeping my expectations reasonable for the service. Based on those early reviews, the service certainly seems to have been improved. We didn't have any problems tonight. The staff was present and attentive but not intrusive. Initially we were told it would be about a 20 minute wait while the table was prepared. We ended up sitting down immediately when we saw our friends already there. We shared the marinated olives and calamari. Both were very good. The calamari was light, crispy, not too oily and tender, not rubbery. I had the beef short ribs over mushroom risotto. The ribs were very tender, succulent and delicious. The risotto was nicely cooked the way I prefer, with a slight 'al dente' firmness to the rice. There were plenty of mushrooms in the risotto although I thought they could have used a little more time on the flame to make them a little more tender. My DC's had the lasagna, chicken parmesan, and bitter greens salad and white bean soup. Everyone was pleased with their meals. We finished it off with the mattonela di fiorella and torta al vino. Both were subtle, not too sweet and not too heavy. A great way to end the meal. the decaf latte was a bit on the bitter yet weak-tasting coffee side. I'd certainly go back there again.

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            I'm just curious... did you have a reservation?

            thanks in advance!