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Aug 5, 2005 07:23 PM

Looking for san bei ji (3-Cup Chicken)

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Is there anywhere in the city that serves a good version of San Bei Ji? I've been looking for a good version, but have been unable to find one. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Melanie Wong

    Since you didn't get any replies, I'll kick in the one place I can recommend for this dish. It's not in the City though. If you find yourself in Walnut Creek, try the san bei ji at Dragon 2000. It might not be on the English language menu, but just ask for it.

    1. Taiwan Restaurant did a good version in the past. It's also available at Jiu Qing Mian Mian, aka Taste of Formosa. 2428 Clement Street, San Francisco.

      1. any taiwanese style place should make it. several in sf have been mentioned here, and you could also try joy in foster city.

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          Melanie Wong

          Which ones make a version that you'd recommend?

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            Joy definitely has it, and I enjoyed it, but can't speak to its authenticity, despite my Taiwanese extraction.

          2. The version at Chef Chu's all the way south in Los Altos is actually very authentic, tho unfortunately on the sweet side.