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Near St. Vincent's Hospital, West 12th? Breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Near St. Vincent's Hospital, West 12th? Breakfast/lunch/dinner.

I'm trying to find restaurants close to St. Vincent's hospital. A friend has a seriously ill family member in intensive care, and can't go too far from the hospital. So far they've been eating take-out from a nearby Chinese, but it's been over a week and that's getting tired. I don't know the area, and can't even figure out if I should be searching for suggestions in the West Village or Chelsea. I mostly need take-out suggestions, though they also need quick, inexpensive places to go to for short “time outs”. Searching old threads got me the following suggestions:

Two Boots
A Salt & Battery
Bar Six
Benny's Burritos
Bone Lick Park
Cafe Asean
Cafe De Bruxxelles
Cafe Loup
Chelsea Market
Corner Bistro
Elephant And Castle
Israeli Place On Waverly just west of 7th Avenue (past 11th Street?)
Istanbul Grill
Joe Jr.'S Diner
Joe's Pizza
John's Pizza
La Palette
Taqueria De Mexico
Tea & Sympathy
Village Natural

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  1. Asean, Lassi, and A Salt and Battery are all very close and great for take-out. Lassi is my favorite, really delicious Indian.

    1. Agree w/Bruxelles, Chelsea Market, Corner Bistro, Elephant and Castle
      Adding: Agave, Tavern on Jane, August, Westville, Crispo

      1. I think the immediate vicinity is considered west village.

        Two Boots is good. I've heard good things about Wogies.

        If looking for a place to sit down, walk up Greenwich Ave (north west) for Good (great lunch specials) - it's near to Artepasta (never been).
        Benny's Burritos for quick burritos / nachos / margarita fix. Plenty of places on Greenwich to sit outside, too.
        Good chinese to order from is Mama Buddha or Baby Buddha.

        1. Sapore has good, basic Italian food and very affordable lunch specials.

          Elephant and Castle has very good burgers.

          The "Israeli Place on Waverly" is called Taim and it has the best Israeli falafel in this part of the city, but almost no seating; it's basically takeout only as a practical matter, unless you can score one of two or three stools inside or the bench outside. On a nice day this can be a very good option.

          Tacqueria de Mexico has closed, and I would avoid Bone Lick Park, actually (and I'm one of the people who recommended it not long after it opened; it has gone decidedly downhill.)

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            Elephant and Castle makes great omlettes.

            (Sorry for the bad medical news.)

          2. You've got to eat at "Good" for breakfast. One of my most favorite places with a great menu selection. If you go at lunch or dinner, make sure to try the green chile mac & cheese!!

            1. Oh, and for breakfast, the Village Den (neighborhood diner/coffeeshop) on the corner of Greenwich Ave and 12th St is the perfect place.

              1. If they need a break for a drink, I recommend the place identified only by a neon sign saying "BAR" on Greenwich Ave. I think it's actually called Johnny's Bar or something. Tiny room, colorful neighborhood folk.

                1. I love A Salt & Battery (not much room to sit, other than a window counter) and Tea & Sympathy...same owners, English food for the curious or homesick. A Salt & Battery is a fish and chip shop, T&S is more of a restaurant with English comfort foods on the menu.

                  In the opposite direction, Stand on 12th between 5th and University serves burgers that have been on my list to try for a couple of weeks now. On 14th Street between 7th and 8th, a little closer to 7th is Dirty Bird To Go, they serve fried and rotisserie chicken and Southern soul food sides. The schtick here is that the chicken is organic, and some people complain that it's "tasteless"...it's just not salty. Ask for the veggie specials, the roasted cauliflower and garlic kale are really good.

                  For a short time out and a little escape, a walk through the Chelsea Market on 9th Ave and 15th is very relaxing.

                  1. Artepasta has a nice three-course prix fixe in the early evenings. The service is relatively quick, and the food is quite good, for the price. I love their bread pudding!

                    The Village Den is good, too. My friend and I always get their broiled salmon at dinner.

                    And Magnolia is a fairly short walk away for some cupcakes or banana pudding.

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                      I too support GOOD. The food has always been better than good. Never diappoints.

                      I've also enjoyed Gonzo in the past. Very different style gourmet pizzas.