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Mar 26, 2007 10:04 AM

Santa Monica Pot Pie?

I remember reading about a restaurant that specializes in pot pies some time last year maybe on Montana Ave? Can anyone remind the name and location of this place? This raw overcast weather has me craving comfort food.

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  1. Cannot answer specifically, but the Daily Grill has an awesome, rich, satisfying pot pie, chicken, and for a time, now sure if still on the menu, a lobster pot pie.

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      Rustic Canyon on Wilshire Blvd has really great vegetable pot pie -- I want to say it was written up in the Times a month or two ago. Their menu changes monthly, so the pot pie might not be there past this month.

    2. Kate Mantellini's, Wilshire at Doheny, does an excellent chicken pot pie as a special Friday through Sunday. While much on their menu is indifferent, the chicken pot pie is top notch - chicken not overcooked, the the broth/gravy light, not gloppy, with a wonderful pungent punch of thyme and other herbs.