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Mar 26, 2007 09:27 AM

Need recs for anniversary dinner near BWI

Although our 2nd wedding anniversary is over a month away, my husband has started asking me where I would like to go out to dinner. We live between BWI and Ft. Meade, but are willing to go to Howard County and certain parts of Anne Arundel (Hanover, Glen Burnie, Severn, Gambrills, Odenton.) I'm not very picky, but my husband isn't a big fan of "ethnic" food other than Italian and some Chinese. Also, he doesn't think May is "seafood season." I'd like to keep entree prices under $30.

Any suggestions would be appreciated :-)

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  1. Cafe de Paris on Rt 100/Columbia has a prix-fixe dinner option and is somewhat romantic. Avoid Trattoria Alberto in Glen Burnie. Cynthia's in Severna Park looked good from the window and here's a Sun review:

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      I'll second Cynthia's. DH and I spent our 10th anniversary there this past December and we were thoroughly impressed. $30 per entree would fit here however I would recommend sharing and appetizer and a dessert because they really are that good. It's a husband and wife who own the place, and the wife is the pastry chef. So, if nothing else, at LEAST get a dessert. It's so rare to find a restaurant in the Baltimore area where all of the desserts are made on site.

      PS, they also have a full liquor license, if that matters...

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        Sounds good... too bad they're closed on Mondays and our anniversary is a Monday this year.

    2. Consider Terseigeul's in Ellicott City (although it will strech that $30/entree limit) or Aida in Columbia - Terseigeul's is lovely French, very romantic, definately an aniversary place. Aida is nice (can order high or low cost/adventer level on the menu) and family run Italian/wine bar in Columbia.

      1. The Elkridge Furnace Inn is very nice and should meet your budget. If you make a reservation, ask to be seated in the old kitchen or tavern room. It's located just off Rt. 1 not too far from the airport.

        1. Perhaps Tratorria Alberto or the new place (Via Mia?) just a few doors down from the intersection of 648 (B&A Blvd) and Crain Highway.

          I'd second the Elkridge Furnace Inn for the atmosphere - haven't been in a long time, so my comments on the food (very good when I was last there) would be long out of date.

          I haven't ever been to Tersiguel's, or Cafe De Paris, but both have solid reps on this board.

          I'm not sure if one could get within your price point at the steak house on the main drag in Historic Ellicott City (Jordan's?) but if Hubby is a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy, that might be an option, especially since good steak houses usually have one or two dependable seafood options on the menu (I'm reading into your comment about "seafood season" that *you* might like seafood on your special night, even if he doesn't think it's "the right time")

          Perhaps a little far afield, but the Blue Point Grill on Route 40 was a pleasant surprise when I went there for the first time recently, with good food (the Monday Night "Pre Fix" [sic - somebody there clearly doesn't speak French] for two has some nice choices at a good price point) and a nice cozy atmosphere.

          I'd also toss in Pasta Plus in Laurel. Maybe not the most upscale place, but unless they've gone seriously downhill in the years since I was there last, it might fit your specs.

          I'm dusting off the cobwebs on my recollections of some of these - the limit on "ethnic" knocks out many of the places I prefer in the area. Perhaps other can chime in with more recent updates or warnings on any of those I've mentioned. Good luck, and Happy Anniversary!

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            BTW - at Via Mia - Mark Wagner is no longer there. Apparently a dispute between him and the owner on entree's, prices, etc.

          2. This may sound odd for an anniversay event but my wife and I have always enjoyed eating a Michener's at the Sheraton at BWI. We got in the habit when we were traveling to or from BWI and it is convenient. We have not been there in a while but they had good variety (including an excellent meat loaf and I liked their crab cakes) with excellent service.

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              I don't normally think of "Hotel Restaurant" and "chowhound-worthy" in the same sentence, but I would say that Michener's is an exception. Good food, competent service, and a nice atmosphere - one could do much worse. To be honest, I discovered them by way of a "half off" coupon a while back, but the place is really rather nice, especially given the seriously scarce competition in that price/quality niche in the immediate area. The only downside is figuring out exactly how to get there since BWI airport revamped its vehicle traffic patterns - it's not entirely intuitive compared to the old layout, so you may find yourself taking a lap through the airport if you miss the correct turn.

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                Interesting, I stay at this hotel often and never considered trying the restaurant. Next time for sure.