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Mar 26, 2007 09:26 AM

Chameleon in NE Baltimore?

I am thinking about taking my special one to Chameleon in Hamilton area of Baltimore for his birthday. Any pros (or cons) for that place? Thanks.

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  1. Search this board and you should find plenty of talk (pretty much all favorable) about Chameleon.

    1. I go to the Chameleon about twice a year and have never been dissapointed. Wed. is half price wine night.

      1. I love LOVE LOVE this place.

        GREAT location for a special one dinner!

        1. Great place - great choice for a special night out. If they had a bar I'd eat there every night (be sure to make a res).

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          1. re: bkath

            Food, service, and price are an excellent combo. A couple of cons, tho, for a special event. Some of the tables are way too close together (one evening I learned far more than I really want to about chemo), and the decor is utiliatarian

            1. re: tartuffe

              Yes, they sponge-painted the walls, which I think should be against the law.

              We went this week and had the delicious charcuterie platter, a too-salty duck consomme, delicious leek tart, good roasted lettuce salad (which was split into four very generous portions without our asking), and one other starter I forget. A complimentary dish of escargot in puff pastry (mmm, sop up that garlic butter), and steaks all around. The wagyu slightly outshined the hangar steak, which wasn't as good as the one we had recently at Saffron.

              Service was very good.

          2. Agreed on all counts. This place is the shining star of Harford Road. I had the veal (although the hangar and wagyu steaks were tempting) and did not need my knife it was so tender. The sauce was very complementary and did not smother the veal. I'm not big on asparagus, but it was roasted well: they were tender but firm. If I could afford it I would eat here more often.

            Point taken that it isn't a great place for a private intimate dinner. It's basically a rowhouse turned into a restaurant, and the tables are quite close.