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Mar 26, 2007 09:23 AM

Boss's Birthday lunch, Help!

Looking for a sit down lunch for the boss and about 7 others. Can't be super expensive ( it can be regular expensive if that makes sense), but we are looking for something better than a dinner as well.

We are in located in midtown west (8th ave btwn 37th and 38th) and are looking for something in walking distance (I know I know it all depends on who's doing the walking) but a reasonable distance.

One suggestion mentioned was Keen's Steakhouse (36th @ 6th), but the birthday boss is not a big beef eater, but something along those lines (not necessarily a steakhouse) to kill 2 hours for a Friday lunch. a few drinks a few laughs some place not super noisy either. Definetly no BBQ, Chinese, Japanese or Thai.

I know the area well enough for a cheap lunch but not for the fancier stuff, chowhounds please help

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  1. Try Marseille, on 9th and 44th. Good lunch place, French/Med. fare. Big enough for your party, more expensive than a diner but not "break the bank" expensive.