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Mar 26, 2007 09:16 AM

Delicatessen Meyer in L.S. - Closing!

Sad news to report from Lincoln Square... Meyer's is closing in just a few days after they sell out of what's left in the store.

A classic German landmark in Chicago...

So sad...

Sorry if this was mentioned before and I missed it...

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  1. That's so sad!

    That was the first store I shopped in when I moved to the neighborhood!

    1. They have been on a death spiral for several months with less and less merchandise in the store and even fewer customers. The current owner alienated many old customers with his changes. The sign for Boar's Head meat on the one storefront was just one symptom.

      1. That's a real shame. Some of life's simpler joys came from quick stops at D. Meyer - pretzel sausages for snacking during a sports event being one that I'm not sure how I'll easily backfill.

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          You have just floored me with this news,I've been going there with my parents since I was a little girl,and am now an old woman,so sad to hear,I did go to Chicago last year and saw the difference,but I was hoping that he would see the light,was just getting ready to place an order.So If anyone can tell me off another German Delicatessen that ships please please tell me as I now live in Arkansas. Mutti

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            Mutti, one of the other old Chicago delicatessens of Lincoln Ave, Kuhn's, is now in the suburb of Deerfield and has online ordering. I haven't been to it since they closed their Chicago store in the 90's but I would imagine it's worth a try for you.


            good luck,

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              Hi Mutti: I order from here. I lived on Lincoln ave until 1999. I moved to Texas then. I found this place last year. They get a lot of the same meat that Meyer had.
              Hope this helps.
              Frank Delattre
              Abilene TX

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                Thank you all for your replies, have also done some research,and found a deli in Wisconson that ship's It's called Bavaria sausage,inc. also sorry don't have the email address for the Bavaria store but you can find it on the computer,oh and by the way if anyone out there has shopped there please give us your feed back.
                thank you Mutti.

          2. What a loss to Chicago! For years I took German classes at DANK on Western Ave. and would always stop at Delicatessen Meyer. Now I meet with former German-class-mates twice a year at the Brauhaus and always visit Meyer's first to stock up on German goodies. The last time I was there was in December and we did notice the layout of the store had changed and that their price for Gl├╝hwein was more expensive. They also did not have their usual large selection of German candies and chocolates for Christmas. We did get good and friendly service. But previously there was always a line of people and looking back I realize there were not many customers in the store. I used to love the friendly German ladies who waited on customers!

            1. Where did you hear this? I can't find any stories on it.

              Although it looks like their website is redirecting to the company that designed it now.

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                Never mind, answered my own question. Here's the link to an article if any one else is interested in reading the story.