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What to order at Waffle House?

I have never eaten at a Waffle House but have made plans to stop at one on a roadtrip to WV this weekend. I'm counting on all the Hounds who have a passion for WH to clue me in on the must-have's.

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  1. You have to try their hash browns! You can get them extra crispy and smothered in cheese, with onions & peppers - they have a whole section of the menu on hash browns alone. Good stuff!

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    1. re: lizrdkng67

      Definitely the hash browns - scattered, smothered, covered..i forget the exact nomenclature.

      And of course, uh, waffles...

      1. re: harrison

        Scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, topped, diced, peppered and capped.

        That is, I think, scattered (obviously, but that's just opening up the patty of potatoes so you can mix other things into them), onions, cheese, ham, chili, tomatoes, jalapenos and mushrooms.

        Personally, I go for scattered, smothered and covered...sometimes capped.

        The waffles are worth it. The chicken is solid.

    2. The waffles are great. There's a sweetness in the batter itself...I know people who don't even pour syrup on them. Just a little butter.
      The hash browns are great, too. Very customizable.

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      1. re: ajs228

        I love the waffles without syrup....and the hasbrowns with onion, chili and cheese.

        1. re: Janet from Richmond

          Janet, I see you've got a beagle. Me too. I guess even our pets are Chowhounds. Ba-dum-bump!

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            I am literally laughing out loud here...............indeed they are :-)

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              I have to add on to this one because of the beagle comment...I think mine would eat everything there is at a Waffle House... Lord knows he goes crazy whenever I cook bacon.

      2. Call me crazy (CRAZY!) but I LOVE their grits. Buttered, with a little salt and pepper...they're delicious and good anytime. Agree with the others on the hashbrowns, too.

        1. The pecan waffles, hands down!

          My, I miss the south :)

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            Ditto on the pecan waffles -- I ate at a Waffle House for the first time this past weekend, and was happy with everything on my plate: a pecan waffle (pecans in the batter, not just tossed on top), eggs over medium, grits, and a side of hash browns covered and peppered...

            You can also get flavored syrup in your soda for no extra charge, although I would advise against getting the raspberry in a diet coke (tasted like cough syrup, although I should've known better...).

              1. re: jinet12

                It's been nine years since I've been to one, but the Pecan Waffles are delightful. Extra toasted pecans, no butter or syrup! Fabulous*~

            1. The hash browns, definitely -- scattered-smothered-covered-topped-whatever. I also like the fact that they serve raisin toast and apple butter.

              1. Another vote for grits. Also they have a ham steak that has an actual bone in it. Extra salty but not bad.

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                  It's a toss up on the grits...between Waffle House and Cracker Barrel!
                  As long as they are served with lot's of real butter and salt.......they both rock!

                2. Scattered, smothered, and covered. Yup on the waffles. I vote "no" on the grits and I'm a serious grits-lover. Whatever you do, don't order the cheese grits. They just toss a slice of American on top of the bowl. That is not cheese grits.

                  My secret vice, though, is the Texas cheesesteak, or whatever they call it. Very greasy and salty in a good sort of short order way.

                  Be sure you drop a coin in the jukebox and sit near the griddle so you can hear them call the orders.

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                  1. re: rockycat

                    The grilled texas cheesesteak, as rockycat said, is deliciously greasy and satisfying. Also a good old fashioned bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on their texas toast is great. And hash browns are a must. I have had tons of combos, but scattered, smothered (onions), and double covered (double cheese) is my favorite.

                    1. re: scott.

                      They must be doing something right - the local store is always so packed that we've only actually eaten there once! The other few times I've said 'I want Waffle House' we couldn't get in the door... their hashbrowns are fantastic, especially with EVERYTHING on them. One plate of those babies is more than I can eat all by itself.

                  2. I'll offer up another vote for the pecan waffles.

                    1. Waffle--pecan or plain and hashbrowns scattered, smothered, and covered. There's nothing like two starches to start off the day right...

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                      1. re: marshmallow78

                        They do a scrambled egg with cheese/raisin toast/apple butter combo that I like when I'm not in a waffle mood. .

                      2. Honestly, my favorite thing at waffle house is the bacon - not because of exceptional flavor or anything, but because I cannot stand un-crisp bacon. And when I order it at WH "well done" it comes to me perfectly crisp! Every time! Other places (diners, etc) seem to completely ignore that request - once I sent my bacon back twice! YUCK.
                        Anway, I haven't actually had the waffles (nut allergy). I always order a couple over easy eggs, grits, hashbrowns scattered, bacon well and white toast. YUM. Good thing there isn't one w/in a 3 hour drive of here! LOL

                        1. Pecan waffles and hash browns! The only thing I ever order there.

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                            That's exactly what I ordered when driving through Ohio. Good pecan waffles and slightly greasy soft hash browns with a small scattering of diced tomato.

                          2. Thank you for all the reqs! Looks like the majority says waffles and hash browns - a carbarific meal to say the least. :) I'll be sure to report back on our visit when we return home next week!

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                            1. re: SarahEats

                              not just waffles...make SURE you get *pecan* waffles.

                              1. re: luniz

                                luniz, have you tried the pecan waffles at J's diner in Addison? About on par w/ Waffle House, but the rest of their menu is substantially better than WH. It's on Midway road directly across the street from The Londoner.

                                1. re: adkim

                                  i'll save that one for when my mom comes to visit me :)

                                  thanks adkim

                            2. Do they really serve margerine with their waffles? I am saddened.

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                              1. re: julesrules

                                I'd never heard that. I'm pretty sure it was real butter the last time I was there.

                                1. re: ajs228

                                  The one I've been to here (KC suburbs) served margarine and maple flavored thinned down corn syrup. I lived in Durham, NC before and the ones there served butter and the aforementioned syrup. Condiments may be regional?

                                  They also do a good job with eggs, and don't overcook them, which is kind of rare in short order places.

                                  1. re: amyzan

                                    I did go to WH in GA last month, and they had margerine. And nothing maple about the syrup IMO. However, I do agree their pecan waffle is brilliant. I got the buttermilk one, it had great tang, and so full of pecans! Thanks to all on this thread, otherwise I wouldn't have known what to order.
                                    We also got the hashbrown with chili, which was fine. But I can see that the hashbrowns would vary more by cook, they're so dependent on getting the right texture without absorbing too mcuh grease.

                              2. I like their patty melt. Comfort food!

                                1. I'll give you a must-NOT-have -- their coffee!!! BLECH!!!!

                                  1. Thanks for all the input! Sadly, I am still a WH virgin. We stopped at the location in Carlisle, Pa. on Sunday afternoon (which was probably our first mistake). The restaurant was teensy, with only 10 tables and some counter seating. Every seat was full, which was fine, but it seemed like a few of the workers must have called out that day because they had three people running the whole place - one guy cooking, one girl waitressing and a third guy standing around holding a coffee pot looking confused. We left after the waitress and cook started a screaming match right in the middle of the restaurant. Even the other patrons looked uncomfortable.

                                    I guess there's always the next southern roadtrip...

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                                    1. re: SarahEats

                                      Oh dear!
                                      I didn't even realize there is one in Carlisle... i thought the closest in PA was Clarks Summit! I will say you aren't going to find any bigger WH restaurants - they are ALL teeny. Best time to go, off hours - as you saw, not on a Sunday! LOL.

                                      1. re: jujuthomas

                                        We drove back through Carlisle on the way home - Wednesday around 6 p.m. - and the place was a ghost town. That was when we should have gone!

                                      2. re: SarahEats

                                        that's actually pretty typical. usually when it's busy they do have two servers but yelling matches, people quitting right there in front of you, and all kinds of other crazy things are not atypical. part of the charm i suppose. and also it's not unusual to see them completely full say for breakfast and then completely empty 3 hours later.

                                        1. re: luniz

                                          Not typical in my experience, but I've not been to one in PA. I've only seen at most four people working at a WH, usually three, and they seem to get along. It can get fairly noisy behind the counter, but that's just a harried work byproduct! No arguments, no yelling but a fair amount of shouting and jokes bandied about the small restaurant, by customers too. It can be a bit of a scene, for sure.

                                        2. re: SarahEats

                                          I was just at the Carslisle WH and the place was severly understaffed.

                                          Wait t'ill you get to NC....

                                        3. I used to work at a Waffle House in college -- my favorite thing was to put a slice of raisin toast in the waffle maker and cover it with batter.

                                          Instant raisin waffle.

                                          Add maple syrup and some scattered, smothered, covered, diced, and peppered hashbrowns and you have good eatin'.

                                          1. This thread really got me reminiscing. It was a special treat when my dad took me to WH as kid, and we would sit at the counter. Later, in high school, I used to meet friends at Waffle House almost every day. Sometimes I'd make a 4:00 A.M. date with my best friend for middle of the night waffles, just b/c we loved being there with the trucker and fisherman crowd. We'd chat with the staff, write poetry, and drink bottomless cups of coffee (yes, you should order the coffee, which is not bad, if only to hear the servers say, "Can I get you a warm-up, hon?"). All told, I've been a frequent WH customer for almost three decades. Nowadays, I take my daughter there for special breakfasts every once in awhile: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/184/45...

                                            Here are the items to order when you go back: a bacon-egg-cheese sandwich (put the pickles on it); raisin toast with apple butter; patty melt (someone else said this too); and, of course, the pecan waffle (better if you bring your own real maple syrup, though) and hashbrowns "scattered, smothered, crisp".

                                            Lastly, don't forget to put some money in the jukebox - you'll see everyone in the place perk up when the music comes on (just DON'T play any of the "waffle house theme song" selections, which the staff and regulars detest).

                                            Good luck!

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                                              Ha ha,,, if you've had a bad experience at Waffle House (like when you get that "blech" feeling when you're ready to leave from all the grease) then DO play a few WH theme songs. What fun!!

                                            2. double order of hash browns well done with onion.

                                              Texas cheesesteak is a greasy winner.

                                              the cheesy eggs with raisin toast and apple butter.

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                                              1. Patty Melt with Thousand Island dressing... Yum! ;-O Be sure to wash it down with some sweet tea... That's good eats!


                                                1. I haven't eaten there for a looonnnnngggg time but I remember the omelets as being very fluffy - they better be after almost being fried in a substantial pool of butter/oil.
                                                  Of course, to be eaten with grits and plenty of butter.

                                                  1. You know, I like the pecan waffles and the grits. But here's another thing to order--the mug your coffee came in. It's a good thick mug, and if you ask to buy one they'll just reach over to the stack that came out of the dishwasher, pick one up, and add five dollars to your check. All part of the minimalist charm that is Waffle House.