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Mar 26, 2007 08:52 AM

Take-out Jook in OC?

I've been craving jook lately (probably this gray weather), but the place I've had it recently is China Garden (yummy with chunks of chicken, green onions and hard-boiled eggs) is a bit far for me as I'm in N. Tustin area. I'd love a closer place I can get it to go. Also, is it not a dinner item? Am I only going to be able to find it earlier in the day?

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  1. Sam Woo's would have it throughout the day

    1. many chinese restaurants have it on the menu throughout the day. You can also get Vietnamese or Korean versions. In Irvine, there are a couple of restaurants off Jeffrey that use to offer it as well. Finally, if you want an easy way, you can actually buy frozen jook in Korean markets, not sure what they call it. But they have it in boil and serve bags or you can open and microwave the contents. I was in a market where they were sampling the product and I found it quite close to chinese style jook. Bought a couple to put in the freezer when I felt like having, but didn't want to make myself or go out and get. I would buy it again.

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        I love the frozen jook in a bag at the Korean market. it's great for days you just don't want to cook.

      2. Ten Ten in Anaheim (on Euclid) has it at the weekend.

        1. Jook is considered a breakfast dish. I think most Cantonese places will have it on the menu, as well as all places that serve dim sum. You should be able to order it for breakfast or lunch easily.

          I'm not that familiar with all the Chinese options in Tustin. I just visited Golden China recently for the first time, but that place seemed more like a combination of Korean and Chinese. I don't seem to recall seeing jook on the menu, but I can't say for sure.

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            Hey, thanks everyone! As far as the frozen jook, do you think they would have it at Ranch 99? What would it be called (jook, congee, something else?). Thanks again!

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              Jook, juk, congee, rice porridge.

              Haven't seen it referred to as anything else.

              I don't visit the Ranch 99's often, so I can't say if they sell it.

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                I'm fairly sure they do but you might get a better selection in a bigger 99 Ranch such as Irvine rather than Anaheim. The character you're looking for, in case it's got the Chinese Food Labelling Issue (where translations are iffy) is 粥.

          2. Sorry, I picked the frozen stuff up in a Korean market, check out Garden Grove Blvd, there are a few. Not sure what it is called b/c the packaging was in Korean characters and I just look at the pictures. LOL. I don't think they will have it at 99 Ranch.