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Mar 26, 2007 08:51 AM

Detroit hound in search of recs

Greetings, DC-area 'hounders. I am coming into town this Friday with son to visit the daughter (Glover Park area). I've been perusing the recent threads and find that I am attracted to:
Bistrot Du Coin
Colorado Kitchen
2 Amy's

I need recs for a seafood place. When I lived in DC a long, long time ago, wife and I would go to Hogate's and another place right next to it on the waterfront. Also went to O'Donnell's (I think) up Wisconsin Ave near the MD border. I gather that these places probably no longer function. But I would like a rec for a place like they were.

Italian: Dino's or Luigi's?

My brother lives in Reston. I'd like a rec for the best Chinese food in his area. "Authenticity" does not matter, just great, well-prepared food, perhaps with pan-fried noodles.

Also, where is the best NY-style pizza?

I hear that there is a French restaurant in Leonardtown. Anyone know of this place? The only reason I mention it is that my sis-in-law lives way down in St. Mary's County and I thought that Leonardtown, while not the half-way point from DC, would be a good 3/4-way point for a meal.

Is the Drift Inn near Mechanicsville open on Sundays?

Lastly, recs for Annapolis, any cuisine.

Double-lastly, is there a place in Baltimore, maybe near Peabody, that I should not miss?

Thanks in advance for all your help. I'm gettin' hungry.

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  1. Italian: Dino, no question.

    Reston Chinese: Mark's Duck House in Falls Church

    Pizza- There's some ok NY style on Dupont circle, otherwise pizza in general is a lost hope in the DC area. 2 Amy's is good to ok. Pizzaria Paradiso is pretty much bad.

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      Clearly Dino.

      For seafood, Kincaids (near Foggy Bottom) is the best, in my opinion. Other choices would be Pesce (in Dupont) or Black Salt (on Macarthur).

      Pizza is nearly hopeless. (closest to NY style I have had is Corner Slice in Bethesda, but its not worth the trip from DC).

      For Annapolis, Oleary's seafood is very good. Cantler's is fun for crabs, if the weather permits you to sit outside, but get directions in advance; its not in downtown Annapolis and its a little bit hard to find. I also like Wild Orchid Cafe in Eastport (Annapolis).

    2. Annapolis- Harris Crab House is pretty good. But for crabs LP Steamers in Locust Point somewhere Baltimore way is pretty damned good. Have them steam up shrimp with onions and old bay while you wait for the steamers.

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      1. re: deangold

        I'd recommend the Helmand in Baltimore near the Peabody. Great Afghan food!

        1. re: jes

          jpschust and kodiakbear made good suggestions.

          If you like sushi and Japanese food, Joss in Annapolis is excellent.

      2. Give the Drift Inn a call and see if they're open yet for the season - if they are, then they should be open on Sundays - I've been there a couple of times for Mother's and Father's Day (my in-laws live down there). It's a nice setting on the water, but I think only the crabs & crab cakes are worth ordering there.

        Drift Inn
        41310 River View Dr
        Mechanicsville, MD 20659
        (301) 884-3470

        The French restaurant I know of in Leonardtown is Cafe Des Artistes, located in the main town square.
        If you plan to go, make reservations - it's very popular. The food is fine - not great, but good, which makes it just about the best thing in Leonardtown.

        1. If you're looking for a really good higher-end restaurant near the Peabody in Baltimore check out Saffron. New American cuisine with an Asisan flair. The tuna Tartar is not to be missed! If you liek Japanese Minato right next door isn't bad. If you're looking for ligher fare try Donna's (also right next door)