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Mar 26, 2007 08:47 AM

Dinner with my aunt and her beer afficionado boyfriend

My Aunt and her boyfriend want to take me out to dinner to thank me for letting them stay with me this week. I live on the UWS, but theoretically we could travel anywhere.

Caveats: not too expensive (they're staying with me and not in a hotel for a reason) and MUST have a good beer selection for the boyfriend. Any cuisine is fine by me.

Any suggestions? I just don't know what places have good beer selections since I'm much more of a "good wine list" person myself. Thanks!

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  1. Cafe d'Alsace on the UES would be my choice. Great beer selection and good, not too pricey food.

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    1. re: nychowgirl

      Any one of the Belgium muscle houses have great beers. Try Markt and you can stay on the West Side. Reasonable prices too.

      1. re: princeofpork

        Markt's old location closed some months ago and the new location has not yet opened. Cafe de Bruxelles and Petite Abeille have good Belgian beers and good food.

        1. re: Lucia

          Do you know where the new location will be? I loved that place - it's actually the only place I'd go to in the meatsmelling district for a good burger or mussels and a belgian beer. I was sad to see it dissapear.

          1. re: nokitsch

            Here you go:
            Apparently it just opened for business today.

            1. re: nokitsch

              Markt's new spot is on 21st and 6th, and it looked like it was getting ready to open shortly...perhaps even today. It's in the space that, as of last week, was Sensa. It's a very small fraction of the size it used to be.

        2. re: nychowgirl

          I would second Cafe D'Alsace, they are the only restaurant in NYC with a beer sommelier, I believe.

        3. DBA in the East Village has huge beer selection. Not sure about the food.
          Vol de Nuit in the Village is a cool NYC spot - almost unmarked. Has great Belgian selection and I've seen people eating mussels and fries there. Not sure what else they have. Don't go on the weekend - too crowded. I think Markt is closed now

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            While it has a great selection of beers, DBA doesn't have any food (except cheese on Mondays). You can order for delivery from nearby restaurants, but I'm not sure if that's what the OP had in mind.

            Something the OP might like: Petite Abeille, which has a few locations in Manhattan
            It's a 4-location chain of Belgian restaurants, with Belgian food and lots of tasty beers. It's not outrageously expensive, either.

            1. re: Andrew P.

              Waterfront Alehouse on 29 and 2nd has both excellent food at a ton of good beers

              1. re: princeofpork

                I second Waterfront Alehouse! It might be a little far for the OP - but I've always had great beer and great food there!! You will not be disappointed.

          2. silver swan on east 20-something has a huge german beer list and good german food too.

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              Silver Swan is on 20th between Broadway and Park.

            2. Zum Schneider could be fun. Food is decent and cheap. The beer is German and plentiful. A long way from the UWS to there though - about 8th and Ave C.

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              1. re: ronoc

                OK, when I say "any neighborhood" I really mean "any neighborhood that it won't take us an hour and a half on three different trains to get back from." Though I do enjoy Zum Schneider when I go!

              2. If you'd really prefer to stay on the UWS and not have to travel, Cafe Luxembourg has a decent beer selection and the food is pretty standard reliable stuff.