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Mar 26, 2007 08:38 AM

new Thai in Putnam CT?

I heard that there is a new Thai place in Putnam CT. Any reviews or other thoughts from the chow board?

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  1. Not opened yet. It's called the Thai Place and is located next to the new Price Chopper.

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    1. re: redsox24

      The Thai Place is now open. It's located a 241 Kennedy Drive in Putnam, CT
      I had lunch there today. I had the Spicy Noodles with 2 Buds. ($11.90 with tax.)
      The dish was nice and spicy with some fresh vegetables that had been garnished with some nice work.
      The restaurant is well decorated and clean. The kitchen looked clean as were the bathrooms. This is a sister restaurant to one in Sturbridge, MA.
      They have a website at
      Fifteen wines are available with glass prices 4 to 6 bucks and bottles 13 to 20 bucks. k Beer is $2.50 to $3.00.
      From what I could hear at the other tables most of the customers had dined there before. I'll certainly go back and try some other menu items.
      Hours are M-F 11:30 to 9 S&S noon to 9.
      Service was friendly and efficient.

    2. Thai Place is one of my favorite local restaurants (though there aren't many local restaurants that are any good). I usually get the tom yum veggie soup and fresh spring rolls for lunch a few times a week.