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Mar 26, 2007 08:30 AM

Birthday dinner for 8, Union Sq., Village, ?

Celebrating my 27th birthday and would like to go out for dinner with 8 friends to a nice restaurant. Food - any: asian, american, french, italian. Ambience - lively, not too sophisticated or stuffy. Location - somewhere we can go after dinner walking distance for cocktails and drinks at a lounge or bar. Please suggest some great restaurants or lounge / bar that would make this a fun and memorable night for all! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Agave on 7th Ave in the village sounds like it would work for you. Delicious, reasonably priced tex-mex with great drinks.

    Alta on w10th / 6th Ave would also be delicious, but more expensive. The small, shared plates work great for a party, and the sangria is outstanding. You could do the "order the whole menu" for a set price... I think you'd pay ~$300 (or less) for more than enough food.

    You'll get more recommendations if you make your request more specific. You seem open to a lot of different food... maybe you could give us a price point per person.

    1. Beacon nas great American food, and will go out of their way to celebrate your birthday if you let them know... It's on 56th between 5th and 6th...

      Afterwards, there's a great cigar bar called the Carnegie Club on 56th just East of 7th. They have a great vibe and wonderful cocktails.

      And have a halppy birthday!

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        Hi Chef June, any suggestions for must have dishes at Beacon?

      2. Crispo, on 14th street between 7th and 8th, has a separate room for large parties. They usually will tell you it is for parties of 10-12 but I have been there several times with a party of 7-8 and they have always given me the room. It is a lively atmosphere and it is on the edge of the Meatpacking District so there are plenty of clubs and bars in the area. I also like Otto for larger groups. It is also a very fun atmosphere with plenty of bars within walking distance. Happy birthday!

        1. Jane (American) or Kin Khao (Thai) then onto Pegu Club (expensive) or the Dove (less so). All on or near Houston St.

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            Thanks so much for the suggestions everyone! Agave seems great because I know they will have great drinks, and I'll definitely hit up Alta sometime soon since I love tapas and sangria - but not sure if the birthday bunch would appreciate as much. I'm thinking Beacon and Crispo are both very viable options. If I went with Beacon, are there any specials you recommend? I love Jane, btw, for brunch and really enjoy Pegu Club - too many nights spent drinking at Pegu (since my office is in SoHo). Really appreciate the feedback! I love chowhound. :)

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              Good choice!! Make sure you try the frozen prickly-pear & pomegranite margarita!!! Enjoy...

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                And some more menu rec's: spinach and crab dip, guac, chilaquiles, santa fe shepard's pie, onion rings and cheesecake w/ guava sauce.

          2. I had a birthday party at Dip in Murry Hill. It was a fun place to have drinks and yummy fondu.

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