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Mar 26, 2007 08:26 AM

San Diego - Tea Service?

Does anywhere in San Diego do a traditional wonderful tea service? My girlfriend would really like some good time with my mom while in town.

I was thinking La Valencia or maybe Coronado, but I'm not sure where else might do it.

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  1. The Hotel del does do traditional tea service. I think the Westgate does too but I'm not 100% sure on that.

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      The Westgate does have an afternoon tea service. I haven't been there, but we've been to Hotel Del and the one at Four Seasons Aviara (in Carlsbad). Where your girlfriend goes should depend on what kind of tea experience she wants. If she wants the elegant, harp-music, fancy tea, any of these three will be very enjoyable (and tasty). If she wants some nice tea, sandwiches, and assortment of other bites, but not necessarily the formality of a tea rom, I think Cafe Chloe or Tea Upon Chatsworth would be good, too.

      Haven't heard of Cobblestone Cottage, but it sounds like fun and possibly worth the drive to Alpine.

    2. I have been to Tea Upon Chatsworth in Point Loma a few times, and loved it.

      1. The Westgate does an excellent tea along with finger sandwiches and mini pastries.

        1. Cafe Chloe downtown (9th & G) does a great tea service as well. They call it their "Urban Tea." Its not traditional tea service but is pretty fabulous nontheless. Check out their website:

          1. I've seen tea services at a lot of places around town. An unusual option you might want to suggest is a place in Alpine called Cobblestone Cottage. It's a very whimsical building and they kind of present a grown-up version of a little girl's play tea-time.

            The building was constructed by a guy who worked for Disney, building some of the edifices at Disneyland, so it has a very storybook appearance, with lots of small gables. They also provide boas, hats, scarves, and shawls, so you can dress up for your tea.

            The tea itself is very good. They have a lot of really delicious options of all types. Herbal, green, black, etc.

            The food is also good, and they have varying sized options depending on appetite. They do tea-sandwiches, tea breads, and delicious homemade scones w/ lemon curd, preserves, and Devonshire cream.

            What I like about it is it's not stuffy, but has a fun, unique atmosphere. Also the drive out is scenic.

            If they opt to try it, make sure they make reservations, as the place can get booked up.

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              My mother's been here with some of her friends and they LOVE it. The staff will take a picture of you all dressed up in the hats and stuff. My mom's is sitting on top of her TV!

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                You should try Aubrey Rose. It's in the La Mesa area. Very nice.

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                  I had lunch at Cobblestone Cottage several years ago with my mother and my grandmother. The food and the service are, well, "just lovely dear". And I mean that in a delicate, most lady like manner. The owners do an excellent job of creating a tiny room of proper, quiet, sophistication; combined with a dash of madcap.