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Mar 26, 2007 08:22 AM

an abundance of citrus (but no lemons)

I just received a lovely box of tangerines, oranges and grapefruit. I can only eat so much out of hand and would love to use them either in main dishes or desserts.

I don't eat much meat and do not like chocolate and fruit together. What are you best suggestions given these parameters? TIA

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  1. Well you can certainly make some mighty fine cirtus curds with them for tarts or just eating on toast. Nothing wrong with a Mimosa or a Screwdriver made with freshly squeezed juice, tangerine or orange,

    1. marmalade seems an obivious choice!

      or you can candy them (boil rounds in simple syrum and coat with confectioners sugar), or juice them.

      i love peeled segments of blood orange in salads, grapefruit would work great too.

      1. In salads would be great. Here are some of my favorite combos:

        oranges, blanched asparagus, roasted beets, hazelnuts
        tangerines, butter lettuce, avocado, hazelnuts
        oranges, jicama, radish, cucumber
        Southeast Asian one from Hot Sour Salty Sweet...grapefruit, romaine, peanuts, cucumber, fresh mint, coconut

        My in-laws just gave me some grapefruit from Costco and they were great...very juicy and sweet. A simple and light dessert is fresh grapefruit segments dressed w/ prunes hydrated in a red wine reduction syrup (add sugar to reduction to taste). You can also make the Persian dessert of oranges w/ orange blossom water.

        Below is a photo of some grapefruit that I served for breakfast this weekend w/ some popovers. Plumped up the currants w/ the grapefruit juice over heat w/ some sugar before pouring over fresh grapefruit segments...

        1. You can put whole cloves in the oranges to make a lovely scented potpurri type thing.

          Or you could share the fruit with co-workers, friends or neighbors.

          1. Grapefruit makes a very refreshing sorbet or granita.