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Mar 26, 2007 08:18 AM

Where to eat in Richmond on Easter Sunday evening?

We will be staying in RIchmond overnight on Easter Sunday. Where would a good place be to eat dinner. We will be staying at the Ommni. I called The Tobacco Company but they are offering a very limited menu of only 3 or 4 items so would like other suggestions for a place that will be open.

We like any kind of food and open to any suggestions for a nice dining experience.

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  1. I would take Tobacco Company off the list of contenders. Places I would consider (if they are open are Millie's (their website is, Edo's Squid (Italian, seafood and meats), Grotto and Old Original Bookbinders

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    1. re: Janet from Richmond

      I wholeheartedly agree with Janet regarding Tobacco Company. The setting is nice but the food is very average. In addition to Janet's recs, near the Omni you might try the Dining Room at the Berkeley Hotel ( It's been a while since I've eaten there but I recall that it was very nice and the food was good. It is pricey though. I would also add Can Can to the list and it is open on Easter Sunday (

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        Good recommendation with CanCan on a Sunday. I had one of the worst (and definitely the worst for the $$$ spent) at the Berkeley Hotel 6 or 7 years ago and still haven't fully recovered <g>.

    2. It's been almost 7 years since I've lived in the Richmond area, but I too would scratch the Tobacco Company off the list. It is very nice inside, but to this day, I still remember it as the worst tuna I have ever been served! The food just wasn't good.

      Acacia was very nice...good food and wonderful ambiance. A much more low-key & laid-back place is the Track (liked it better than Acacia). I'm guessing that these two places are still around, both are on Cary St. However, I don't know how they've changed over the past several years.

      The Jefferson was very expensive, but the atmosphere is really nice. However, too pricey for what they serve (if I remeber correctly).

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        Lemaire is wonderful (really improved in recent years) but doesn't serve dinner on Sunday nights. I don't think Acacia is open on Sunday night and The Track (which I don't think is open either on Sunday) we started boycotting years ago after the owner mishandled a situation. We'd been regulars prior to that.