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Mar 26, 2007 07:56 AM

Cascina Lunch Review

We went yesterday and had arugula salad, veg pizz and mushroom risotto. Food was fine. Nothing too special, but the service was terrible. We were seated in the front and the door was left open several times and I had to ask them to close it bec. it got cold after a while. The waiter was rude when we said that we did not want drinks and all 3 items came out together, which I can forgive since I did not specify. But still cold with hot together? He was extremely brusque when we turned down dessert and the look that we received when I gave him a 10% coupon that I found on their website, well we won't be back for certain. My friend wanted dessert, but she said just not there. So we went to Kyotofu and had a great sweet sampler and tea before our play. The next time we want Italian it will be Roberto Passon or I will try some of the other Italian places on Ninth Avenue first.

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  1. Sorry to hear that you had a poor experience at Cascina.

    At this time of year, it is a big mistake to sit in the front area because, as you quickly found out, there is a weather-related comfort issue, so we always opt for the back. In fact, I prefer it no matter what time of year because I don't like eating on the sidewalk when they open the front doors during nice weather.

    If your waiter was the short, roly-poly Italian guy, I would agree that he's not exactly a charmer. But when we were there for lunch the last time, he got the job done. You don't say what you ordered, so it's hard to comment on why the kitchen sent everything out at once. We started with soup and salad, which came out first, then split a pasta course. My husband ordered a glass of wine, and when we passed on dessert, I didn't notice any particular reaction.

    I know from other posts that there are waiters there who are quite pleasant. I guess it boils down to the luck of the draw.

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      Yes you are right on the mark. Our waiter was indeed the shorty roly-poly Italian guy. We had the arugula salad, veg pizz and mushroom risotto. As I said food was fine, nothing special. I still like the food better at Roberto Passon where I have been several times. It's just that we we were put off by both the service and front room that we will not be back.

    2. Quick comment, grocery shopping, retail shopping is one thing; but if you use a coupon in a restaurant, chances are you're gonna get a negative comment or look no matter where you go. Nothing against you, thats just how people are.

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        I don't agree. There's a place we go to for ribs in NJ that offers a coupon on their website. We always use it and it has always been graciously accepted. I think at Cascina, it's a matter of this particular waiter who, as I noted, would never win the "Mr.Charm" award.