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Mar 26, 2007 07:48 AM

Moving away from Baltimore

So this is my last week living in Baltimore (okay, so I am only moving to Silver Spring, so I know I can go to Baltimore anytime I want, but anyway...) and I am looking to hit a few places for dinner before I the U-Haul takes me away on Saturday morning. Maybe one nicer, more upscale dinner and a few options for more casual, inexpensive dinners. Any cuisine is fine... so where would YOU go with only one week left in this city?


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    1. I'd do the favs I'd think I'd probably not get to for a while. Thus, DiPasquale's and Greg's Bagels and Martick's and La Cazuela would be on the top of my list. Patisserie Poupon for dessert. Asahi Sushi for their udon. I'll leave it to Warthog to recommend Ras Doobie's. Would consider Chameleon Cafe.

      Would probably rule out the really nice places (Charleston, Nasu Blanca, Black Olive, etc.) as I would probably get back there. Also Helmand, Samos, Vaccaro's, and any crab place for same reason.

      1. I would definately target my favorites: Mama's on the Half Shell, Birches, Chameleon Cafe, Pazo.

        1. A pit beef sandwich with raw onion and horseradish mayo off Pulaski Highway, because you ain't going to find that outside Baltimore. Period.

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            mmmm, I want one now and it's only 10am.

          2. Given the caveat you mentioned of being close enough to come back once in a while, I'd probably go with Martick's (on the theory that one never knows how long Morris will be doing his thing), Ras Doobie's (not much like it anyplace else that I've been - and besides, if I didn't recommend it, people would think I was not myself!), La Cazuela (again, haven't seen the like in other cities or locales) and your choice of pit beef sandwich stands (more a Baltimore thing than a regional thing). I might add Andy Nelson's to that, as I think Andy's tops the available 'Q in the Silver Spring area.

            If you weren't going to Silver Spring, I'd say The Helmand, but there are a few good Afghan options in the DC/NoVA area, so you'll have substitutes available for that cuisine.

            And while you're down there, revel in having Mandalay nearby for Burmese - I'd love it if they were in Baltimore!