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Mar 26, 2007 07:15 AM

Restaurants for a hounder in St. Louis?

I think St. Louis is considered midwest....Maybe south? Anyway, I am to visit there in a few weeks, and was wondering if there were any to die for restaurants, preferably on the cheap eats end of the spectrum. Thanks!

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  1. Where are you planning to stay, and will you have a car?

    1. It's definitely midwest.

      I am a big fan of the tap room but mostly for the beer. The cheese soup is good and the rest of the food is alright. I guess some people recommend Blueberry Hill on the loop which is fine but I never really considered it chowhoundish.

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        Iron Barley has been discussed on the boards here. Certainly chowworthy.

      2. A few of my favorites for your list (by hounder I will assume you mean unusually tasty and honest food, preferably inexpensive):

        Ban Mi So is a small mom & pop (literally) vietnamese place that serves impeccably prepared simple dishes reasonably priced. Be prepared to spend some time here, the wife cooks all dishes and the husband (recently sometimes a young man also) serves.

        Aya Sofia on Chippewa is a Middle Eastern restaurant with some great food in a romantic dining room. On the fancier side, yet not overpriced.

        Amighetti's on the Hill is great for an authentic local italian hoagie. Have a beer and play some bocce after across the street at Milo's if you want even more Hill atmosphere.

        I also really enjoy Sameem, an Afghan restaurant on South Grand. The menu is small, but the food I have had has been very good, inexpensive and the place is staffed by some great folk.

        Another great cheap option is Neveria La Vallesana, a down and dirty little take out place on Cherokee street that has the best tortas I've ever had (and I tried plenty while living in Chicago). The patio is great for people watching. The street is a bit downtrodden but very vibrant.

        I'll leave it to others for splurge recs (ie. Niche or Atlas) or standards (ie. Ted Drewes, Crown Candy). Try to have a slinger while in town. My vote would be Courtesy Diner, but Eat Rite is ok too. Being a vegetarian these days I am reduced to Shangri-La's veggie version which is merely an acceptable alternate.

        1. Try Juniper Grill great food reasonable price and their Bailey's Chocolate Mousse Bombs are great for dessert.

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            You know, I ate at Juniper Grill a few weeks ago and I gotta tell you, I wasn't really impressed. I can't even remember what I ate. Although the service was fine, I just wouldn't be excited to go back.

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              Thanks for the update, have you tried Maya Cafe on Sutton?

              1. re: 2chef4u

                No, I never have. I have heard good things, though. What's the scoop?

                1. re: shannoninstlouis

                  I had a steak that was so tender you could cut it with your knife, it also had manchego(sp?) cheese with saffron rice and grilled asparagus. They make their own sangria and it is very good. spicy/fruity served in a large carafe. My favorite was the grand marnier flan. It is good with the sangria as well as a cup of coffee. Another place I tried recently was Mango's at Makenzie point. It is Peruvian cuisine. Not cheap but the food was definitely worth the price. They have a rice dish with spices and olive oil, cilantro and lime with grilled shrimp. The rice was tasty enough to stand on its own without the grilled shrimp, but they were done correctly not rubbery and overcooked. Mango sorbet was light and cool, the flan seemed a little too thick and heavy for me.