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Tyler's Ultimate- the cookbook?

Why is it, that just when I've put myself on a budget, I find all these cookbooks I want?! I've got a precious $18.95 left on my Barnes and Noble $100 gift card, and I've been agonizing over what to get. I watched his chefography and this cookbook intrigues me, because I've bought a lot of specialized cuisine cookbooks lately, and I think this might be a good all-around one to have. I haven't made a lot of Tyler's recipes, but I've really liked all the ones I've tried. Has anyone bought this one yet? Thoughts?

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  1. ...i'd compare what's published to what's available online via the food network's site from his show. If it's pretty much the same thing, just print them off the web and make your own cookbook!
    Also...for cookbooks...i really like getting them from the library and if they pass the test, i purchase them.

    1. I love his book and haven't had a bad recipe yet! You can find lots of cookbooks on E-Bay for considerably less than elsewhere. I usually look there first when I am trying to find a bargin. Just be careful not to get a Book Club Edition.

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        I often do the library and bargain books thing, but I just wanted to hear what Hounds had to say about it. What recipes have you tried so far?

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          The fried chicken and the ratatouille!

          That ratatouille!

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          I just print from the Food Network too, but have found even better bargains on Amazon.com, besides new, there is always used and discounted ones, lots of choices, great reviews of the books, sometimes shipping is cheaper than EBay where they are trying to make up their costs by charging way out of line shipping charges.

        3. his ultimate meatloaf is amazing... the only one I now make (only i subsitute ground turkey for the ground beef).... soooo good..

          1. I've essentially STOPPED buying cookbooks by my favorites (Tyler, Barefoot Contessa, etc) and just go to Food Network. A lot of his Tyler Ultimate Recipes are on there.....

            1. i love this book, it's one of my all around favorites. the flop i've had was his dried porcini pasta...a brown goopy, heavy, disaster. But his peanut noodles, seared tuna, curry, salt and pepper prawns and just about everything else have been delicious and easy to whip up. I love the global flavors theme to this book and his quick marinades, mayo's and spice mixes are great staples.

              1. When I first saw this cookbook in the store I excitedly thought it was the companion to his show of the same name. Unfortunately most of the recipes from the show aren't included in the cookbook. I've really enjoyed the few Ultimate recipes I've printed off the Food Network site so I saw no need to buy the book.

                In general I find that I buy a ton of cookbooks but I rarely cook from them. Usually I watch a cooking show and see someone making something that looks good and then I find the recipe online and print it out. That being said, I've looked through this book about 10 times over the past few months and it looks like it includes a lot of great recipes. If you cook from cookbooks frequently I think you'd be happy with this one.

                1. I don't have this particular book, but I have his first two books, Real Kitchen and Eat This Book, and both are great. So great I am having them shipped to me from the States all the way to Australia because I can't live without them! Eat This Book is also great if you want the basics.