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Mar 26, 2007 06:58 AM

Best Gourmet Food Stores in the World

Can people let me know where there favourite foodstores accross the world are? Think high gourmet food. Places such as le grand epicerie at the Bon Marché Paris. Doesn't have to be as big just as good quality. If anyone can think of places in the major capitals London, NY, LA, Hong Kong, Milan etc



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  1. Lafayette gourmet in paris. I can live in that place.

    1. Pike's in Seattle, Ferry Plaza in San Francisco, Farmer's Market in Los Angeles, Dean & Deluca in Napa, Sonoma Market in Sonoma, Harrods in London.

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        1. Ostermallmshallen in Stockholm and the food floor at KaDeWe in Berlin.

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            Kalustyan's, Sahadi, DiPalo's, Dean and DeLuca in New York; Salumeria Italiana in Boston

            Greenmarkets are not the same to me, as they are seasonal.

          2. KaDeWa food floor in Berlin (as mentioned above).