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Mar 26, 2007 06:54 AM

Powdered Coconut Milk

Has anyone ever used this? Do you get the same results as using coconut milk in a can (for curries, etc.).

I was thinking about buying some, since I rarely remember to keep cans of coconut milk around for my thai and indonesian cooking recipes. I was just wondering if it was as good.


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  1. I **love** powdered coconut milk. It makes an excellent flavor addition and seems to have thickening properties. I put it in a lot of Thai, Inidan, and dessert dishes even if they don't call for it. I like to put a lot of it on rice (when it's cooking) to have creamy coconut rice. To be honest, I have never reconstituted it. I just figure the powder mixes with the liquid in the recipe and adds the necessary flavor and texture. If the recipe becomes too thick, I add some water.

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      Powdered coconut milk is GREAT! I no longer use coconut milk in a can. I use it frequently in Thai and Indian dishes. I usually do reconstitute it---just follow the directions on the label. Biggest problem is finding the stuff. I originally bought some Maggi brand, and it took me a year of searching before I found it again. Have also used the much less expensive Jobi brand (found the 1.75 oz. packets for 2/$1 at an Asian market) and it's just as good.

    2. Agree with prior posters. It is another item I bring back from Asia. Better than canned!

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        I find it in the US in international supermarkets. I've never been to Asia!

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          Agreed and seconded! We love it. It adds a lot to dishes where you might not want all the liquid that comes from canned.

        2. Thank you all so much!
          I'm placing my order tonight!

          1. Do you know if they readily sell this in Asian supermarkets? I live near Ranch 99 and I've never tried to look for this before. Which aisle would I find this?

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              I am not sure where Ranch 99 is. We have an international market with food and spices from the Caribbean, Korean, Vietnamese, Latin America, etc. I found it in the Asian food aisle near the noodles and beans (I guess it would be where other soups or ingredients are). I found two different brands. Once comes in a box that is the size and shape of a Lipton Onion Soup Mix box (with an envelope inside, again similar to Lipton's). The other brand was just the foil-lined bag. It's really cheap - $0.69 - $0.99 or so. I bought a bunch altho I haven't used up my first package yet.

              Another thought - I bought a bunch of packets of instant coconut soup mix made by Taste of Thai (similar to this but w/o the ginger: To me it works about the same, maybe a little saltier. When I make rice, I put one envelope of the soup mix into the cooking water. Mmmmm!

              Here: see if this is what you are looking for (altho this seems expensive to me compared to what I bought in the int'l market):

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                If you are in Canada, they sell it at the supertore and I also saw it at an Indian spice store. I agree that it's great and use it all the time.

              2. re: peachblossom

                I'm not sure if they sell it in your market. I know they don't sell it anywhere close to me.
                I'm ordering from this place online:


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                  I have packet of Chao Thai Brand coconut cream powder, from Thailand. 60g, $0.79, mix with 80ml of water for thick milk, 240ml for thin milk.

                  I'm not sure whether I bought this at 99, or one of the smaller Asian shops in the area. At 99 I'd expect to find it with Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian and Mexican products; at mine that is close to the refrigerated items like Chinese sausage.


                  1. re: peachblossom

                    I tend to find it in the hawaiian and/or south pacific area of powdered ube, achiote, etc. There's a hawaiian brand 'NOH', and a couple others whose names elude me right now... (LA area 99 Ranches have a little spot for these, I'm not sure about ones in other areas)

                    1. re: peachblossom

                      I'm in Michigan and I've bought it at my local pan-Asian market--they shelve it with the regular coconut milk.

                      I've used it to "boost" the regular coconut milk--where you want more coconut flavor without adding more liquid.

                      But beware--the kind I bought (chao mai, I think, same brand as the coconut milk I buy) doesn't have a resealable lid and it ended up spilling all over my pantry shelves.

                    2. I've got ahold of my box of powdered coconut milk. Unfortunately for me, it has no instructions.
                      If I want one cup of coconut milk, how much powder do you recommend I use?

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                        A 60 gm package is supposed to be mixed with 160-200 ml of water. You can vary that depending on the richness you want.