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Mar 26, 2007 06:53 AM

hot date tonight

We went to the back garden room at Raoul's last time. Need something good but preferably a different genre. Specific type of food doesn't matter, except no sushi. Can be anywhere between SoHo and the UES. What I care about are ambiance, quality, and service. Nothing stuffy of course. Thanks!

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  1. I should also add.... looking for a place that is quiet enough for an intimate conversation but still busy on a Monday night

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    1. re: augustwest

      Le Tableau on 5th b/t Ave. A & Ave. B will probably work nicely. French w/ some North African influence, not expensive, cozy, wine list cheap enough to buy two bottles from. If I were single I'd totally take a date there.

      Should be some other folks in there too--it's a popular neighborhood spot.

      Oh and Blue Ribbon Bakery is also something to consider.

      1. re: augustwest

        W Village - Little Owl (worth a shot on a Monday night)
        LES - Little Giant
        Soho - Aquagrill
        UES - Sfoglia
        Tribecca - Landmarc or Bouley Upstairs

        Hope it helps!

        1. re: Vinoguy

          Little Giant is a hot hot date place

        2. re: augustwest

          I Coppi on E 9th Street between 1st Ave and Avenue A. Its had some mixed reviews but a friend of mine and his date was there two weeks ago, and I was there last week celebrating my anniversary with my girlfriend and we all think it was wonderful. I was there on a wednesday at 7:30pm, while they were pretty busy it was still quiet, intimate, romantic, and the food is very good. It's not snooty or anything, you can go in jeans if you really want but I'd say at the very least make sure they're nice jeans, it's casual but overly so. The wine list is impressive, the roast boar is actually boar not pork labelled boar and it's excellent; finishing with the tirimisu which is amazing.