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Mar 26, 2007 06:31 AM

Toddler friendly lunch suggestions in Greenwich?

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Thataway Cafe at the bottom of Greenwich avenue is always a standby with kids. Not the best food but noisy and kid friendly. Good chicken fingers.

    1. Boxcar Cantina, Thataway, Sundown Saloon, Gingerman

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        Rte. 22 on the Stamford-Greenwich line is perfect for kids. Pretty good food too.

      2. There are several choices on Greenwich Ave, including Thataway, mentioned by a pp. There is a pizza place near the bottom of the ave, Meli-Melo is a creperie that is casual and recommended often here. My kids also like Katzenberg's deli (they have a large kids' menu).

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          we love Katzenburg's, My Favorite Place (in Cos Cob), Glory Days Diner, Planet Pizza are all good. I also suggest Route 22 on the border.

          there is also a great hot dog place in Cos Cob on the Post road called Top Dog. It is mostly counter service but if the weather is nice they have outdoor picnic benches. You can also go to Chicken Joe's for take-out.

        2. We had a suprisingly good brunch with our three kids (4.5/4.5/7) at Gaia. It had a hip, sophisticated atmosphere and really very good and creative food. There was a childrens' menu and they did these great ice cream sundaes for dessert. They put three egg-shaped scoops on large plates, then had the waiter go around to each kid with a tray of toppings in glass jars. They could pick as many as they wanted and the waiter scooped each choice on top of the ice cream. I think they even gave the kids crayons and paper menus! We sat at a large round table upstairs, overlooking the restaurant. The table was adjacent to a lovely looking private room that would be perfect for a large family gathering.

          Here's the web site: