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pork belly dishes in chinatown

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seeking restaurants in chinatown (and greater boston area) that feature pork belly dishes. suggestions and comments appreciated. many thanks

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  1. Hong Kong Eatery offers several. wonderfully fatty. don't remember names.

    1. Anise in Kendall square has a delicious double-cooked pork belly dish.

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        had it and loved it

      2. Taiwan Cafe has one (braised bacon-cut pork with soft bean curd) on their menu. There are several others on the menu that they may make with pork belly - their staff is very helpful about describing dishes. It's a bit soft and rich for me but it's nice to have a few pieces as part of a larger spread.

        Also, a non-chinese suggestion - Dok Bua has crispy pork with some green (usually chinese broccoli, sometimes something else) -- it's pork belly, *deep-fried* until crisp. Outrageously good.