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Mar 26, 2007 04:16 AM

Best Mail Order Gourmet Nuts Source

What please is a great source for mail order gourmet nuts?

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  1. I've been very happy with the selection, packaging, and service from .

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    1. re: PSZaas

      I recently ordered several different types of nuts from nutsonline as a new customer. I did not care much for any of the nuts.

      1. re: racer x

        I also ordered many different items from Packaging and delivery time was good but out of the 10 items i ordered, i only really liked one: the energy squares.
        They add artificial flavours and sugar to their mixes or dried fruit, and some plain items didn't taste as good as what i buy elsewhere. I cannot say why, just tasted off...

      1. re: valerie

        Ditto Bazzini. Get the big cool vintage style can with the elephant holding the giant peanut on it, then save $ by ordering refills with the less expensive plastic bag packaging. I have a standing order for 5 pounds mixed nuts without peanuts. Their pecans are especially delicious.

      2. One of my favorite local cheese stores will order these for the holidays, and I wait all year for them to be available:

        1. I love Fastachi. Their nuts are so fresh and carefully roasted. The nut mixes are very good.

          1. I was just totally impressed by a company called Squirrel Brand. I've only tried the Creme Brulee Almonds and Meyer Private Reserve Cashews, but those were amazing...and they size I ordered came in a cool wooden box.

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              I went to the website but gosh they are expensive!