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Best Mail Order Gourmet Nuts Source

What please is a great source for mail order gourmet nuts?

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  1. I've been very happy with the selection, packaging, and service from http://www.nutsonline.com .

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      I recently ordered several different types of nuts from nutsonline as a new customer. I did not care much for any of the nuts.

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        I also ordered many different items from nuts.com. Packaging and delivery time was good but out of the 10 items i ordered, i only really liked one: the energy squares.
        They add artificial flavours and sugar to their mixes or dried fruit, and some plain items didn't taste as good as what i buy elsewhere. I cannot say why, just tasted off...

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        Ditto Bazzini. Get the big cool vintage style can with the elephant holding the giant peanut on it, then save $ by ordering refills with the less expensive plastic bag packaging. I have a standing order for 5 pounds mixed nuts without peanuts. Their pecans are especially delicious.

      2. One of my favorite local cheese stores will order these for the holidays, and I wait all year for them to be available:


        1. I love Fastachi. Their nuts are so fresh and carefully roasted. The nut mixes are very good.


          1. I was just totally impressed by a company called Squirrel Brand. I've only tried the Creme Brulee Almonds and Meyer Private Reserve Cashews, but those were amazing...and they size I ordered came in a cool wooden box.

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              I went to the website but gosh they are expensive!

            2. My SO brought me from Seattle Holmquist Farm hazelnuts - yum! I looked up their website and they do mail order: www.holmquisthazelnuts.com
              Try their orange honey flavored hazelnuts - addictive.

              1. I'm not sure what constitutes "gourmet" nuts, but I'm extremely pleased by the service and product from Valley Nut & Fruit.
                They have great prices, ship in resealable bags and their product is very high quality.


                1. Not sure what gourmet nuts are but my favorite online nut source is Hammon's, which sells black walnuts that they get from a black walnut farmers' cooperative in Southern Missouri. For baking and candy-making, black walnuts have a flavor like no other nut. Also Hammon's sells black walnut candies including chocolate-covered black walnuts.

                  1. I love Mackeys Ferry Peanuts - best peanuts ever.


                    Done just about anyway you can think of - their peanut butter is excellent also.

                      1. I have to second Fastachi. Their nuts are roasted in small quantities ensuring freshness. Their mixed nuts are wonderful!!

                        1. Bobbysue's Nuts http://bobbysuesnuts.com/ are downright addictive! And a side benefit is that a portion of all proceeds benefits the SPCA of Westchester, a wonderful no-kill animal shelter.

                          1. I wouldn't call them "gourmet", but I **love** the Golden Roasted Peanuts from PB & Company: ilovepeanutbutter.com

                            1. For pecans, I like Merritt. We often stop into their store and I can never leave without a bag of their roasted pecans and a container of their pecan brittle. The Fiddlesticks are also good. And, I always have a container of the plain ones in the freezer.

                              They are a small family-owned company. There are walking paths through the pecan groves on one side of their store and during the season, you can see the big trucks delivering the just-picked pecans to their shelling/processing plant next door.


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                                That site - wow! Must get some pecan brittle, sounds sublime. White chocolate pecans, uh-oh. And pecan roll was my mother's absolute favorite candy, the photo made me quite nostalgic.