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Mar 25, 2007 11:43 PM

Wellington - New Zealand - Recommendations?

Hey hey

Any recommendations for good eats in Wellington Chowhounds? I'm into everything and anything but especially budget / mid-range places. If you just know some good web sites / guides even it'd be cool.


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  1. hi

    this is my favourite place (and was recently featured in daily candy's travel edition ...

    good asian fusion:
    also check out (no, not an affiliate site, an actual restaurant).

    new zealand produce:

    general site:

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      1. Having lived in the windy City for a wee while our recommendations would be Logan Brown, Bastille and the Roxborough Bistro (which incidentally has one of the most amazing someliers we have ever encountered). To be honest, you are spoilt for choice in Welly as the city has more restaurants per head of populations and cuisines from all over the world (ah the joys of the Capital).

        As ever, I'd recommend checking out for the latest restaurant reviews as well.

        If you into breakfast take a trip around the bay to the legend that is Chocolate Fish.



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          Perhaps Logan Brown is the best place in town, or more likely Martin Bosley at the Yacht Club. Used to say Citron but the chef Rex Morgan seems to be everywhere else these days, and I had disappointing meal. Roxborough is gone but perhaps you meant Boulcott St Bistro, which is good? Not so sure about Bastille with changes of owners, but has been great. Maria Pia's for Italian. Haven't tried Shed 5 under new regime.
          Nikau has to be mentioned at the middle price level and its simpler food can match the best in town - but only open for breakfast and lunch except for Friday night. Capitol can be good.
          The part of town to watch is Cuba Street around Scopa, the new Metropolitain, Floridita and Simply Paris. The competition might do them all good.
          The Cuisine book or website is not far wrong.

          1. re: duckpress

            Sorry I'm a little late to this posting... but for the benefit of future readers, here goes:

            The website recommendations above are excellent ( and - Cuisine have just put out their Restaurant of the Year winners, and Martin Bosley's Yacht Club Restaurant took out the top honour. This, along with Logan Brown and Boulcott Street Bistro, would top my list of fine dining restaurants in Wellington. Crazy Horse has amazing steak.

            For a less extravagant meal, Chow (Tory Street or Woodward Street) is excellent, especially their $10 lunch (main plate, miso, and rice). Monsoon Poon is good for Asian-Fusion, and Little India is without a doubt my favourite Indian. For sushi, you can't beat Midland Sushi on Midland Park (only open in the daytime).

            Chocolate Fish is overrated (in my opinion) in terms of their food, but you can't beat the location on a nice summer's day. Ernesto (Cuba Mall) and Capitol (under The Embassy Theatre) are great for brunch, and Grand Century does awesome yum cha - but get there early on weekends unless you want to wait for a table.

            PS Roxborough Bistro has been replaced by The Ambeli, owned by the former maitre'd of Nikau and his wife - it's very good.