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Mar 25, 2007 10:38 PM

Dessert Spots

Can someone recommend me some spots for desserts or somewhere just to chill during the night.

Examples: Beard Papa's, Crepe spots, Boba spots, Ice cream spots, etc.

not looking for a bar (alcohol place)

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  1. Well, you already have Beard Papa's. Depending on where you live, here are some others:
    Phoenix Bakery: they have many different Chinese desserts with puddings, mochi, and others.
    Melt: a gelato and crepe place. Check their website for locations.

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    1. Susina Bakery on Beverly and La Brea. Great cafe with excellent espresso, mini tarts, Italian cookies, and other pastries and cakes.

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        Second this, my favorite 'chill' dessert place! :)


      2. Urth cafe, al gelato, il cono (gelato on SM Blvd and Beverly Dr). I love Susina and Beard Papa's as well.

        1. There are a couple of boba spots on Colorado Blvd., not too far from Pasadena City College. I do not know how late they are open though.

          There is a place across the street from Fuji Japanese restaurant on Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena. They serve coffee and boba, but I can't think of the name of the place. It always seems to be busy, though, with students.

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            is sweet lady jane still around on melrose?

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              Coffee Cantata? Contata? Cross street is Sunnyslope. Their hours are odd and seem to vary widely day-to-day, week-to-week (for a while they had a hand-written sign in the window with their hours, but then they'd line through the hours, and then line through the replacement hours ... you get the idea.)

              Their coffee isn't bad (and I like supporting an indy place), but the ventilation in the building is pretty annoying as the intake seems to be directly connected to the fryers at the KFC across the street. (This may have changed - haven't been there in a couple months.)

              A block east, also on Colorado, in the shopping center where Fu Shing is located is another non-chain (at least I think it's not a chain) coffee place called The Coffee Barrel - some homemade pastries, pleasant owners, okay coffee. But I think they close by eight most nights.

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                Yes, I think the place is Coffee Cantata. I haven't ever been inside, but it always seems to be busy when I'm in that area. Thanks for pin-pointing the location. :)

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                  Haha...I always have saying Coffee Cantata when I pass by it but I have never been in there. My favorite coffee place is Bean Town up Baldwin in Sierra Madre. It can count as a dessert place to because they have lots of pastries to choose from and Fosselman's ice cream as well. If you really have a sweet tooth I'd recommend their white hot chocolate and their chocolate chip pecan cookie is worth trying as well

            2. Don't shoot me for saying this, but Mel's on Hollywood or Ventura blvds is open late, has pretty passable desserts and lets you sit sit sit! Good people watching, too.

              Chocolat in west hollywood?

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                In a similar vein, Swingers is pretty good for shakes, desserts, and sundaes, and fun to chill at.

                And embarassingly, Jerry's Deli has some good cakes and does great oreo shakes... *tail between my legs*