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Mar 25, 2007 09:49 PM

Passover in Los Angeles

My boyfriend's family is coming to town (sister and her two sons, 10 and 6). I am leaving town and they have to fend for themselves for a few days...but I'm worried about Passover. Where besides Jar...he and I had a not-so-great dinner there last week and I don't think he'll want to go back so soon.

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  1. Not fine dining by any stretch, but good for the kids, California Pizza Kitchen does serve matzah during passover, and will even do pizzas.

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    1. re: Emme

      Will all CPKs do Matzah-pizza?

      1. re: Golem

        They did last year... and the year before that. Call ahead and make sure, but I think even if they were out of matzah, they'd be more than happy to oblige if you were to supply the matzah.

    2. Angeli, Spago ...tho' you generally have to reserve a few weeks in advance- we got waitlisted at Angeli two years ago, and even at No 2 on the list there were no cancellations ....less expensive, Koutoubia in Westwood - dine in or takeout available. Haven't been for Passover, but other times. Liked it.

      1. it's only a deli but try Roll and Rye in Culver City

        1. i should have been more clear about Roll n' Rye. they do a special passover dinner with all the fixings. almost like home!

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          1. re: SusieD

            thanks - i made a reservation for them at roll n' rye. i'm on the waitlist at Jar and Angeli and couldn't fathom the idea of passover at Spago...It seems like more restaurants should do this...Gelsons has food to pre-order and pick-up - I may just have them do that...

            1. re: Julefish

              Some delis in LA watch what they serve, and do make use of Passover matzah, but you've got to be careful and ask for it.

              Also, the Reel Inn in Malibu serves fresh (but not Kosher) fish with cole slaw and potato salad.

              Eating out is tricky that week.

          2. a great joint to hit up (though it'll take a while) is one of the kosher buthcher shops on pico-robertson corridor. get some kababs and lots of mint/basil leaves, and torshi and you're good to go. for some reason they don't serve matzah with the wares instead of the lavash breads which they usually have.