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Mar 25, 2007 08:48 PM

ISO some good chow in philly

I'm here for business for a few days, and i'll have 2 days to explore philadelphia. Looking for some delicious, not too expensive chowhound favorites, including:

-a really great slice of pizza
-an organic cheesesteak (do these exist?)
-a nice place for a solo dinner (not too fancy, preferable about $20 an entree or less)
-any other not-to-miss destinations

any great ethnic food? organic or vegetarian restaurants that are worth going to?

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  1. Organic/ vegetarian restaurant worth going to: Horizons. You can even sit at the bar downstairs on your own. AMAZING.

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      Seconding Horizons... Their bar menu is every bit as delicious as the main dining room, and a good choice for solo dining. (Generally the same entrees w/o the 'fixings'.) Don't miss the BBQ seitan tacos, if they're on the menu, or the mojito perfecto dessert (which is seasonal; don't know if they have it right now).

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        1. Tinto - 114 S. 20th St. 215-665-9150 - Basque-style-tapas..Excellent or their other place
          Amada - 217 Chestnut St. 215-625-2450 (Spainish
          )Osteria - 640 N. Broad Street - Marc Vetri new place, great lombarda pizza (baked egg, bitto, mozzarella, cotechino and tomato) everything made in house...Best cannoli's!
          Rouge - on Rittenhouse Square - 18th and Walnut

          1. You can also likely get a seat at the bar at Amada (spanish tapas) and Osteria (Italian, Mark Vetri's new place), both are comfortable and and great food - difficult reservations. Could do about 20 if you don't go too wild! and they are definitely don't miss spots.

            My fav slice of pizza is Lorenzo's at 9th and Christian.
            No idea about organic cheese steak, but check the recent "off the beaten path cheesesteak" thread for some great spots.

            Other ethnic: Rangoon, Vietnam, Cafe de Laos and I agree about Horizons!

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              thanks for all of the great suggestions- I think I will definitely try to hit Horizons- Amada and Osteria also sound incredible- it will be a tough decision which one to go to. Wish I had more time here (or more room in my belly!)