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Mar 25, 2007 08:42 PM

Cafe 976 in Pacific Beach - A Pleasant Surprise!

SO and I just got back from a weekend in San Diego at the Tower23 Hotel in Pacific Beach. When we awoke this morning in need of caffeine, we considered room service, the coffee shack next door on the beach, or any of the numerous chains in the area. But a quick CH search led us to Cafe 976, and we were so glad! It's just a short walk up Felspar (sp.?) from the hotel, in an adorable little house. It's just ramshackle enough to not be precious (but not so much that you might have hygiene concerns). SO had oatmeal, I had a bagel sandwich (with cream cheese, pesto, tomato, and mozarella), he had regular coffee, I had a chai latte, and we were very happy. I don't think any part of the food and drinks was spectacular, but the whole thing was just extremely nice. The garden and porch were lovely, but as it was a little chilly we sat inside in the sunroom, which was charming. There were lots of students and families, and it clearly is a neighborhood favorite. We live in Downtown LA, where there is nothing of the kind, so it was especially nice for us. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a warm and authentic coffee experience in Pacific Beach!

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  1. I truly belive this is the best coffee shop in SD. An old house converted with lots of trees and shade...and I'm not even a coffee person!

    1. It's a nice place to sit and talk but has lousy coffee. This place would be great if they would hire some barrista and get some reasonable coffeebeans but in the moment it is not better than Starbucks

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        If I'm not mistaken 976 is actually a historic landmark. If you look at the pictures in the bathroom you'll see that it was actually one of the first structures of any kind in Pacific Beach. I spent countless days at 976 as a student back in the early nineties. That said, it looks like honkman and I found something to agree on. The coffee isn't very good and, at least as of a couple years ago, the food (other than bagels, etc.) was almost inedible. Do not let this stop you from going, because spending a couple hours at 976 is truly a pleasant experience. Just order a coffee and accept that it's not the best you've ever had...