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Mar 25, 2007 08:30 PM

Puzzler at Bangkok 54

I ordered the "Spicy Roasted Tofu" entree at the Arlington Thai place, and what I received was a dish of gnarled nuggets that looked and tasted unmistakably (a) battered and deep-fried and (b) like poultry. Essentially General Tso's chicken. They tasted like chicken, the interiors had the grain structure you see in meat, and the shapes were irregular, unlike the cubes or smooth strips I would expect with tofu. It even appeared that there was both dark meat and white meat.

I asked the server, and she said "Yes, it does look like duck, but it's tofu."

I shrugged and went on eating. I'm not a vegetarian, so it wasn't a huge issue aside from a meal being something other than I expected. But I'm really curious now: Does Thai cuisine include this ultimate Tofurkey of sorts -- an elaborate, masterfully simulated meatless version of duck? (And, secondarily, does "roasted" mean "deep-fried" in Thai menu-speak?)

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  1. Soy and tofu are extremely versatile. What you ate sounds very much like the soy-based imitation meats that are used at the Vegetable Garden in Rockville -- in fact, they do do make a version of General Tso's Chicken with it.

    btw, you might get more responses to your general question on one other chowhound boards like General Topics.

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      Thanks for the reply. I posted on the DC-Baltimore board because I was kinda hoping that people who have eaten that dish at Bangkok 54 on Columbia Pike in Arlington Country, Virginia, might share their experiences with it, but I guess the moderators know best.

      (How about a more relevant subject line, though, if we're changing forums? "When Thai tofu is mock chicken/duck"?)