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Mar 25, 2007 08:09 PM

New to Fage

Hi all,

I'm new to fage greek yogurt and I need some ideas of mix-ins besides honey (i don't like the stuff). What do you add to it besides honey and/or fruit?

Also, I've tried Trader Joe's brand and Fage, and I don't taste much of a difference. I actually may like TJ's a little better.

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  1. Fig preserves and slivered almonds. Dionysian.

    1. All sorts of stuff!

      Pomegranate molasses
      Brandied raisins/other dried fruit
      Fresh herbs
      Za'atar (middle eastern thyme/sesame seed mix)
      Crunchy sea salt and toasted pine nuts

      1. If you'd be interested in a liquid sweetener that isn't honey, you might want to try Lyle's Golden Syrup. It's British, but available in many specialty food stores and fancy grocers. I think I may have also seen it at Whole Foods. It's a by-product of the sugar refining process, and has a very mildly nutty taste. Super yummy.

        Other additions to yogurt: almond extract, vanilla, a spoonful of jam (thanks to everyone on the 'what to do with jam' thread, you were right!), maple syrup.

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          Or agave necter, perhaps. I find that honey lets the yogurt keep it's lovely texture, while plain sugar makes it turn watery.

          I made some muscadine marmalade last fall and mixed a spoonful in w/ my Fage each morning until it ran out. It made the most lovely pale magenta....tasted like eating a nice tart cake icing.

        2. My favorite is blueberries and brown sugar, sometimes with toasted nuts (I love blueberries and honey with it too, and I tried brown sugar once when I was out of honey, and loved the combination).

          1. I eat a ton of this stuff (the 2% variety). I often just sprinkle cinnamon and stir - no sugar.

            Torani syrups work well in these too - a couple of teaspoons or so and stir. Vanilla Torani mixed in and chopped walnuts on top is delicious.

            Cocoa powder is good (sweetened, of course) if you like chocolate.

            Lemon curd mixed in and strawberries on top (or any other berries for that matter).

            Minced ginger and a bit of brown sugar mixed in and sliced mango on top.

            Really, the possibilities are endless!