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Mar 25, 2007 08:08 PM

Where to eat near Old Street Tube Station mid-April we have a flat very close to the Old Street Tube. I've read some of the other posts and have copied the places recommended near Spitafields and some near the Angel Tube....I am looking for recommendations for inexpensive cafes/Indian/Chinese or other take aways, and an internet cafe, near Old Street.

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  1. There's loads of places in Old Street, many of which you'll find around Hoxton Square and Kingsland Road. In my experience, most of the places in Hoxton Square are not particularly special. Instead, I'd try Kingsland Road for Vietnamese food (Song Que is probably the best). For cafes, Lennie's in Calvert Avenue is pretty nice - typical caff during the day, eclectic Thai eatery at night. I also like the sandwiches at Appostrophe in Great Eastern Street, and some of the pastries are also great (I am partial to their chocolate slice). If you're willing to go a bit further afield, you could get bagels in Brick Lane, and also try Mai'da, a new Indian place that has opened in Bethnal Green Road. Most Brick Lane Indians are horrible, but Mai'da is fantastic. Also, directly next to Mai'da is Tas Firin, which does quite nice Turkish food. They specialise in pides, but their kebabs are also really good.
    Internet cafes: The Bean in Curtain Road has some computers that you always have to queue for. I think they might also have free wireless if you have your own computer. The Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen (in Hoxton Square) has free wireless, as does Cantaloupe in Charlotte Road. In Brick Lane there are two branches of Coffee@ which have computers, as well as lots of other rather nondescript places.
    Hope that helps.

    1. Cay Tré on Old Street itself is a very good Vietnamese that also does amazingly good value take-away. Yello in Hoxton Square is an efficient Thai outfit. The Diner on Curtain Road does the best burgers in the area and also (I think) has free wireless.

      1. I would also suggest Cay Tre for Vietnamese. On Kingsland Road, I like Song Que for big groups and I like Au Lac for quieter times. These are all attractively priced.

        There's a Starbucks north of Old Street tube for wireless, but you'll have to pay.

        Spitalfields: St. John Bread & Wine. Canteen. Not discount options.
        (Personally, on Sundays, I like to go over to the Sunday Up Market on Brick Lane and eat at one of the stalls there. Cheap and tasty.)

        Commercial Street: Hawksmoor. Great cocktails and good steaks. (Assuming you are American, British beef is a little different than American beef.) Not cheap though.

        During the week, I like Itsu sushi on City Road and Finsbury Square for lunch and they are open til 9 for take-away dinner.

        North of Old Street tube, there's the William IV pub, which has nice food. Not super gourmet, but nice.

        North-west of Old Street on Central Street, there's a place called Fish Central, which is popular with taxi drivers for their taxi cab dinners. It's pretty decent and not too pricey.

        On Old Street, west of the tube, there's a Thai place called Thai Thai that's pretty good. When I am very lazy, I get a take away Pad Se Eu on my way home. They have an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet now.

        By Angel, you will not be hurting for choice. If you're looking for decently priced, try Nando's on Upper Street, north of Islington Green. Very friendly service. Great chicken.

        There's an Internet cafe on Whitecross Street. It's always packed with locals. Not super fancy or anything. There's also a Waitrose for groceries and Pham Sushi.


        1. Thanks very much for the advice....looking forward to trying out some of those places.