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Mar 25, 2007 08:06 PM

DC Metro line, Teen Food -- Breakfast, Burgers, Pizza, Sandwiches?

I am tanking my granddaughter to DC and need teen chow to keep her going. We will be depending on the metro rail and our feet – or a cab if the chow is really that good. So please focus on places near the Metro or near the Hyatt / Union Station area.
Any good breakfast near the Hyatt that will last through mid-afternoon until we are ready to leave the Smithsonian museums for a pizza or burger.
GD likes pizza but not the sweet sauce kind. We have read about 2 Amy’s on this board as a good DC pizza but do not know whether it is sweet or tomato w/ spices – any help? Is there something better?
Burgers with cheese – any thick hand made burgers or maybe even above average burgers served on a special bun in DC ? We have read about Sign of the Whale but would I be able to take a teen there – is it a adult only pub?
Hot or cold sandwiches. Pastrami or beef dip? Club sandwich made with real turkey, or just a good turkey sandwich would be great also. Hey, does DC have a special sandwich unique to the capital?
My Thanks,

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  1. Union Station actually has a decent food court with lots of different choices. It may be worth your while to check it out.

    1. Sign of the Whale is not adults only. I see families there (some with infant carriages) all the time. There's a Fuddruckers in Chinatown; their burgers are handmade. The local burger chain is 5 Guys, but they vary widely in quality. Fuddruckers is fairly consistent.

      Atrium Cafe in Southwest near the Federal Center SW Metro does hand carved roast beef and turkey sandwiches. Good, but I prefer the beef dip at Hodges Sandwich Shop north of Chinatown off New York Avenue. Hand carved turkey, roast beef in jus, and baked ham on Friday. A steal at $5.50. Just across the Street is Ristorante AV. They've been making pizzas and other Italian standards since the 1940s and they'll be closing in July. Their white pizza (no tomato sauce) is tasty. Near Union Station is Armand's Chicago style pizza. They do a lunch buffet with different slices so you can try a few different kinds.

      2 Amys isn't a DC pizza, but a neapolitan style. I wouldn't say it's a sweet sauce, just San Marzano tomatoes and some fresh basil. Can get very crowded. The only DC-style pizza is Ledos/Marios and I'm not a real fan, and there aren't any downtown. But if you like Ritz crackers with catsup and smokey cheese "product," that's right up your alley.

      Best pastrami would be at Deli City in Northeast, but that's really out of your way. DC is not a deli town. Nor does it have many unique sandwiches. One of its few claims to fame are the halfsmokes (sort of a dense ground sausage with a smoky flavor and natural casing). Ben's Chili Bowl across from the U Street Metro is probably your best bet. There's also the 4-piece fish sandwich at Horace & Dickies carryout for $4.85. About a 10 minute cab ride from Union Station.

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        OK getting off the junky chains for burgers, how about matchbox in Gallery place? Front page of all places has an excellent burger. Also, near union station the Dubliner has a great lunch and it's pretty cheap too. If it's nice sit outside :)

        Sandwiches should be gotten from Breadline- you won't be too far from it. Monkey is right though- DC is not a deli town, it doesn't have a single decent traditional deli around. There are a few Italian specialty shops, but they aren't really what you think of when you think of a deli.

        1. re: jpschust

          Between the sloppy service and the crowds, I can't recommend Matchbox. And I haven't been to Dubliner since the waiter tried to slip me a bill for the month's rent (he'd put all his friends drinks on our tab). I'll stick with Irish Times next door for my pub grub.

          A more upscale option near Union Station would be Johnny's Half Shell for seafood. And I haven't been but friends say Bistro Italiano at 320 D Street NE is decent cheap Italian fare.

      2. For pizza try Pizza Paradiso a couple of blocks from Dupont Circle Metro stop. It is small and you may have to wait. They also have another location in Georgetown.