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Mar 25, 2007 07:42 PM

Weekend Trip to Seattle

This is my first posting. We are long-time Seattle'ites who moved to northern CA about 7 years ago for job opportunities. We are going back for a long weekend and have narrowed down our restaurant choices to: Union, Margorie, Crow and Crush. We have to narrow it down to 2. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Marjorie and Crow are both OK but I would put the recently opened Steelhead Diner (Pine below 1st) ahead of either of them. Union and Crush each have legions of fans, I guess if you haven't been to either and had to pick one I would probably lean towards Union (try sitting at the bar before 7pm so that you can choose from either the happy-hour bar menu or the regular menu)

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      I have to disagree on Steelhead diner topping Marjorie. My experience with Steelhead has been hit or miss. The food is decent and a few things are really good (the crab cake, the rilletes and the fish and chips), but I think the food at Marjorie is better and more consistent. Steelhead is not a bad choice if you're in the market, but not a destination. In order of preference, I'd pick Union, then Crush, then Marjorie. I've not been to Crow, so can't speak to that. Love the bar at Union with happy hour prices, although it's also nice to sit in the dining room and get the whole dining experience. You might want to consider adding Coupage to your list...a really interesting menu with great flavors.

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        I guess it depends what you order -- at Steelhead I like the short rib, black cod, gumbo, grilled asparagus, crispy chicken spring rolls...ymmv. Their drinks don't measure up to their food though. Agree about Coupage.

    2. Union and Crush should be the top two for sure. I've been to both Marjorie and Crow in the last month and neither compare in quality of food, service etc. to Union or Crush.

      1. If you like a nice walk, Marjorie really isn't too far from union (less than a mile) and they have a very sweet little bar with delicious cocktails. Head to Marjorie for a drink followed by dinner at Union. I also second the recommendation to eat up front in the bar area. Even if you miss happy hour, I find the ambiance to be much better up front. The only thing is that you can't reserve a bar table.

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          second the cocktails at Marjorie, the Trenchtown cocktail is a classic (although i find the bar seats there uncomfortable). Next door to Marjorie is Tavolata, pop in for a peek while you're in the area.

        2. Union and Crush are in another league than the other two places and with dramatically different types of food. They are both more upscale and cutting edge. Marjorie is more eclectic and Crow is more down home.

          They are all pretty good in their own way. It just depends on what you are in the mood for.