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Mar 25, 2007 06:48 PM

Frugal Food Finds Near The Pantages Theatre

I know there are other threads about restaurants around the Pantages Theatre, but if you're like me(starving student/worker bee) they're out of your price range. So last night before I went to see "Wicked", I was starving, and decided to do some exploring and see what I could find with my limited food budget.

I decided to head south to Sunset Blvd, which is roughly two blocks down from where the Pantages Theatre is. The first place I managed to find that appealed to me was a sushi restaurant called Kabuki. The second restaurant I found that looked good was a Baja Fresh close to the Arc Light Theatre. The other two places I found were my usual last minute resorts to keep myself from starving: KFC and McDonald's.

In the end I eventually picked Baja Fresh(their Baja burrito is so good!), but I was wondering if anyone knew of other frugal finds nearby? After all I know a few other people who are going to see "Wicked", who are also starving students/worker bees :D.

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  1. Skooby's for a hot dog, great fries, and fresh lemonade is on Hollywood Blvd. about six blocks west of the Pantages.

    1. Also check out Cactus Taqueria #1 on Vine.

      1. thai town, so many choices