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Mar 25, 2007 06:45 PM

Where to stay (b & b?) /eat in Great Barrington?

Can anyone recommend any good places to eat and/or stay in in Great Barrington? A great (not too expensive) b & b would be wonderful where they have an actual real breakfast and any good restaurants (sushi, burgers, thai, indian) would be wonderful! Thanks!

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  1. B & B ... let me know if you find one. I'm still looking!

    Restaurants... Bizen... best sushi this side of the Rockies!

    1. We took a trip out that way recently and stayed 15 minutes outside of Great Barrington at Gedney Farm. A gorgeous converted barn and delicious breakfast! Check it out...

      1. Just a reminder, folks, that Chowhound's mission is to help people find great chow. Please focus your answers on the food aspects of the poster's question.

        1. I second the suggestion that Bizen is quite good. I would also recommend Baba Louie's which is sourdough crust pizza with delicious toppings (also, make sure to try to antipasto which is a must). If you are looking for good lunch options there is a nice Cuban Sandwich stand (I forget the name) and a great burrito place called La Choza. Both of these are located in the passageway that goes from the main drag back to the parking lot for the movie theater.

          1. i will 3rd BIZEN ( i have never been, but hear rave rave rave reviews ) and 2nd BABA LOUIES...have been there many times and the pizza is DELICIOUS. right next to BL is a thai place called SIAM SQUARE and i have been there 3 times and myself & everyone i have been with really enjoy it. there are also 2 indian places in GB, one right in the area we are talking about and one just down the street. im not a fan, so i havent been to either one. but they are there for you. also in the same area is a great steakhouse called PEARLS which i have been to many times. i have had one bad experience, but the many other times make up for it. i think it was just an off night. it is $$$ and has big city feel. real sleek & smart. love it.

            if you want to venture out just 15 minutes, my ultimate favorite restaurant is JOHN ANDREWS in south egremont. its on RT 23 right before the NY border. if you do a search on chowhound, you will find many, many wonderful posts. just the best. a perfect place to have a drink first, is THE OLD MILL in south egremont ( in the tiny village ) on your left side about 4 miles before JA. great cozy bar.

            and breakfast- back to the GB area, MARTINS has a great breakfast and its right next to PEARLS and in south egremont which has MOMS. both tasty, would prefer MARTINS if i had to pick.

            ENJOY AND PLEASE REPORT BACK! ( and make it to JA! )

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              Oh yeah, I totally forgot about John Andrews. It is by far the most sophisticated restaurant in the area. Totally delicious and always interesting.

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                Wow, thank you for all the info - we'll pick a few places and let everyone know how it went!