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Mar 25, 2007 06:09 PM

Where's a decent to-go egg sandwich in Portland?

I can't believe the number of businesses that think it's acceptable to microwave a prepared, perfectly round, "egg patty" or whatever it is, and serve it as part of a breakfast patty here in Portland. Oh sure, I know that's what you're gonna get at Tim Horton's or Dunkin's, and it'll actually work in a pinch. But at a local deli or Big Sky Bakery? Have these people no shame? In NYC, you can walk into any corner nothing Deli and expect them to throw some eggs on the grill for you.

I've had excellent egg sandwiches here at the Front Room, and 158 Bake Shop. But neither are easy, to go type places (158 could be, but it's sort of out of the way, and at $4.50 for the egg sandwich, too expensive).

So, am I missing places that make decent egg sandwiches starting w/ real eggs and not using a microwave here? They must be out there?

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  1. Oh No Cafe on Brackett Street. The best breakfast sandwiches in town! Everything made to order, simple or creative, good coffee. Enjoy!

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      I second the OHNo mention. I go there six mornings a week. They aren't open on Mondays.