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Mar 25, 2007 05:34 PM

Olive & Ivy at Scottsdale Waterfront - how is it for breakfast?

Less than stellar for dinner from what I understand but what about breakfast on a Saturday morning? How's the breakfast food and will the noise level be horrific? (We like to gab)

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  1. Grab a cup of coffee and a roll from the take out counter and sit outside on one of the chaises. Enjoy the beautiful AZ weather and the parade of beautiful people....

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      Ok, I'm going to comment on dinner - I know, I know you want breakfast info. But I went last week for the first time, and while I agree as a whole it wasn't breathtaking, the bacon wrapped dates appetizer was to D-I-E for.


    2. I've been there for brunch a number of times on Saturday and Sunday. The noise level is quite manageable (we normally go from between 11am to 2pm), just a medium murmur and some screaming children. The patio seems much quieter than inside. Service has been prompt every time except once. If you want the bread you have to ask for it or they won't bring it. The forest mushroom omelette is fantastic, and I also like the smoked salmon and bagel even though it's very basic. The french toast is like a dessert but also very good.

      I've never been there for dinner.