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Mar 25, 2007 05:17 PM

Teppanyaki in T.O.?

I recently went to the States and had dinner at KOBE Japanese Steak and Seafood House ( and now I'm wondering if there's anywhere in Toronto where a person could get some good steak cooked up in the style of teppanyaki - hibachi???

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  1. Yamato in the Bay/Bloor area.

    1. Katsura at the Westin Prince downtown.Out west, there's The Prince on Eglinton and further west on Eglinton is Iron Chef, both near the airport.

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      1. re: Kagemusha

        katsura seems to be the best choice in the city. The Japanese consulate throw their annual parties there, if that means anything.

      2. what about benihana @ the royal york hotel?

        i know there is a spot in yorkville

        there is also a place in Scarborough/Markham called a taste of japan

        1. Akasaka in Richmond Hill in the strip mall at West Beaver Creek and Hwy 7, if you're willing to head up, up, uptown a good ways.

          Taste of Japan is in Markham at Woodbine and Esna Park Dr., past Steeles a bit. It's not bad, but as I remember it, crowded.

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          1. re: lsk

            I don't think Taste of Japan is as crowded as it used to be. It's good value for the money but the quality may be better at Akasaka.

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              I've been to both Yamato and Taste of Japan and there is no question that Yamato is MUCH better in quality. I can't remember the exact prices, but I think they were about the same.

              1. re: sumashi

                actually...i'm pretty sure Yamato was significantly more expensive than Taste of Japan. anyway, never go to Taste of Japan. service was bad, cooks were bad (unfriendly and set the onion thing on fire), food was meh, just an overall bad experience.

            2. I've balso een to the Teppanyaki at Masa, Charles near Yonge. Prices and quality was OK, portions were a bit small but it was lunchtime. The chef did absolute nothing fancy. Just turned up the grill, spread out the ingredients and started cooking.