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Mar 25, 2007 05:12 PM

Baking Supplies (Toronto)

Is there anywhere in Toronto, preferably downtown or on the TTC line (as I do not drive) that sells decent, above average, or specialty baking supplies?
I hate going to the grocery stores because they are so completely uninspiring.

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  1. By baking supplies, do you mean bakeware or baking ingredients?

    1. If it's cakes, try McCall's in Etobicoke.

      1. try winners. good prices, brand names.

        1. INGREDIENTS

          I'd go to a local natural food store. Most of them sell organic baking supplies in bulk - including a wider variety of grains, sugars, nuts and spices - than you will find at chain groceries. They will also have free range eggs. (There are lots of these, but a short list includes: Qi in the west end, on Roncesvalles; several shops in Kensington Market; and The Big Carrot on the Danforth). There are also several suppliers of good quality baking ingredients in St. Lawrence Market. Domino's (south market, in the basement), has slabs and discs of good baking chocolate (many brands, including Callebut), hand-pressed almond paste, and vanilla in bulk. The best butter I've found is Stirling, also in several places in St. Lawrence. And, in general, keep your eyes out for interesting-looking grocery stores and markets in neighbourhoods around town. I've found hazelnut puree in a tiny shop in Little Italy, and make muffins with the wild blueberries I get at the Riverdale farmers' market.


          Anything electronic (stand mixer, blender, etc.) you'll probably find for less money at Tap Phong, in Chinatown (Spadina between Dundas and College). There's a restaurant supply store on Queen West - Nikolai's, I think - which is open to the public and has a huge assortment of bakeware. If you require something super-specialized (cardboard cake-rounds and boxes, powdered meringue, etc.), there's a professional baking supply store in Etobicoke, McCall's, which is within a couple of blocks of a subway station (Islington, I think, though I'm not sure I'm remembering that right).

          1. For good stuff check out Nikolau on Queen and Bathurst. For awesome stuff, order online from New York at - the best of the best there is!!!