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Mar 25, 2007 05:06 PM

Temescal DMV Farmer's Market dying?

I went to my neighborhood Farmer's Market today for the second week in a row, and it seems like a lot of food vendors have either pulled up their stakes, or something is deeply amiss. There's a lot of happenin' prepared food action (Blue Bottle does a brisk business, as does the crepe stand), but the produce seems to be slimmer than ever. I wasn't able to find any tomato vendors, and we're down to a single onion vendor, two avocado vendors, one citrus vendor, and that's pretty much it. There's a big hole in the middle of where there used to be some other stalls. Anyone know what happened?

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  1. You were expecting local farmers to have tomatoes in March?

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        I don't recall seeing tomatoes at the Ferry Plaza last weekend. It of course has many more vendors, but more than one of them are selling the same winter/early spring produce this time of year, (onions, beets, greens of various types, potatoes, asparagus, pears.....)

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          There are currently two vendors of tomatoes at Ferry Plaza, Bruins and another vendor whose name I don't recall. Bruins have been growing in greenhouses for decades. They have been selling tomatoes at this time of year for years.

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            They're hot house tomatoes. They're ok but personally I'd prefer to wait for the real ones.

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              I probably blanked them out of my focus, knowing they weren't in season... :-)

      2. I think, and hope, that once spring/summer vegetables arrive, the market will return to its lively former atmosphere. My view is that fewer and fewer vendors came each week as the summer and fall vegetable seasons wrapped up.

        1. If anything the market is growing not getting smaller. Zuckerman's (with their 'grass and potatoes), Spring Hill and Lagier (look out for their fabulous cherries and berries) have joined as well as a honey vendor. Kashiwase is still there but only selling flowers for now. Sure there are less fresh produce vendors at the moment but we are 'between' seasons after all! Even with the few produce vendors I am able to get my in season produce needs met with the vendors that are there. More produce vendors will start showing up when they have something to sell. I'm looking forward to the market filling up with stone fruit and berries in the weeks to come.

          1. never been to the DMV market, but my guess would be that you're seeing the results of the freeze in january. Crop loss, combined with the transition between winter veggies and spring stuff that isn't ready yet. My CSA box last week was a bit light.

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              Hey, I've heard about these CSA boxes things. Where can I get more info? How does it work?

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                There are lots of variations, but basically you pay a flat rate per month and pick up a box once a week.