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Mar 25, 2007 04:51 PM


I just bought some lamb from a local farm. Included was merguez. Does anyone have suggestions or recipes for merguez.


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  1. Best grilled but broiling and frying work too. I often serve them with sides of steamed couscous and a cool salad (cucumber, white onion, raw rhubarb, watercress and fresh mint, for example).

    They also make a fine sandwich on bread or pita. Or slice and add to potato salad (hold the mayo). Or pizza: tomato sauce, softened sliced onions, mozzarella, oregano and sliced merguez.

    1. Mmmmm, merguez, grilled or fried on a piece of french bread with some spicy mayo and grilled onions. I spent an afternoon in France nibbling these things.

      1. Thanks. I think I'll grill then use in a couscous dish.

        1. I love merguez, grilled & stuffed into a pita. But what I'd really love is a recipe for merguez! I haven't found a really good one...just a few pale imitations.