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Mar 25, 2007 04:32 PM

big, fun, not-too-serious place for a party?

I am engaged to a totally delightful man, and my sister and cousin want to throw us an engagement party. They both live out of town, and I'm fairly new to Phily (plus I don't go out for fancy dinners very often). We are laid back types and I'd rather find some place funky and fun than formal and fancy. We were thinking about one of the Chinese banquet halls downtown, but I'd love to get other ideas. Help!

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    1. re: pamd

      I was underwhelmed by them, to be mild:

      How about Amada? Vietnam?

      How many people?

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        1. D&B's, North Bowl, Lucky Strike??? All can accomodate any size crowd, super laid back, the food is decent and inexpensive, and you'll have a good time.

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            1. I second National Mechanics! My friend is friends with the owner and they threw an awesome birthday party - complete with strolling Dixieland jazz duo and Irish tenor crooning Heavy Metal covers (2 separate acts, not together!).

              And I've always thought that North Bowl would be fun for a wedding or wedding-like event.