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Mar 25, 2007 03:53 PM

Bamontes update-grimm goings

Bamontes is really slipping if todays visit is to be used as any barometer. The service was hostile and poor. Firstly the server didnt inform us of the dinein brooklyn menu and then acted pained when we inquired about it. Our initial order was obviously forgotten about and we waited at least 20 minutes for out appetizers. Later we waited a long time for dessert only to recieve the wrong ones and then were forced to wait a considerable time for the replacement. Yet more waiting for the check, and you can see how it went. Quite distressing it really seems to be slipping.

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  1. This is really surprising to me, but I suppose it must depend on the waiter. I went with some friends and didn't even realize they were doing DIB. Our waiter gave us the menu along with the regular one. He was very helpful and gave us his recommendations on what to order (which we followed, the mussels were fantastic!).

    When it came time for desert, two of us wanted the chocolate mousse but they were out so we ordered the cheesecake instead. Then as we were enjoying our coffee and whiskeys as they were closing, they were getting things ready for the next day and apparently had just brought in a new batch of chocolate mousse so he brought us two free of charge.

    I will say this though, we went in with every intention of sitting there for a few hours so it could very well have taken 20 minutes or so after we ordered to get our appetizers, but I didn't notice.

    Also, the food was quite tasty. Not the best, but the ability to sit for hours and eat & drink made it worth it.